Personally, I’m tired of people  looking at me and asking if I’m pregnant.  They literally ask how many months gone? They further say I’m so happy for you, congratulations.  I’m sick of it. It’s embarrassing knowing it’s all belly fat.

So I’ve decided to do something about it, without having to drink flat  tummy tea or wearing what ever it is that help stuck in the tummy.

I made some research and I found out you could actually loose belly fats by eating some certain things and ditching some.

There are other intresting methods too. And I’m here to share.

The first method is to eat food that burn belly fats! Food like..

  • Peppers – The hotter the better, hot peppers such as chili peppers, jalapenos, even cayenne powder help increase fat loss and stave off hunger. They also give you a healthy dose of metabolism boosting vitamin C!
  • Eggs – High in lean protein, eggs will help keep your cravings in check… so you will eat less and lose belly fat faster.
  • Beans – When it comes to foods to eat to lose belly fat, beans are nature’s gift to mankind. They have the perfect balance of carbs and protein and they keep you full for hours.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Not only keep you full, the healthy protein can help you lose weight and even increase your metabolism.
  • Berries – Another metabolism boosting ingredient, berries are packed full of Vitamin C and fiber.
  • Avocados – Abocados are full of fiber, which is fantastic for weight loss and oh so good for you! This healthy fat will actually tell your body to release fat!
  • Leafy Greens – Help you feel satisfied longer, boost your metabolism and turn off your hunger receptors. You will eat less and lose more belly fat just by increasing your leafy greens!
  • Citrus Fruit – Another big metabolism booster, so much good for you vitamin c and so easy to work into your diet! Squeeze some lemon, lime, orange, or all three fruits into your water and sip all day. Enjoy an orange instead of your sugary snack.
  • Coconut – Another healthy fat that tells your body to release unwanted belly fat! Try adding coconut water or coconut milk to your morning smoothie.

Second method is to avoid food that causes belly fats. Foods like

  • Processed Food – First off, all that processed food will only pack on belly fat and make you unhealthy.
  • Sugar and Sugar Substitutes – Yep, all of it! Try to get your sweet fix from nature.
  • Go all natural whenever possible. Try to remove or reduce sugar in your favorite recipes.
  • Carbohydrates – Not all of them, but try to cut how many carbs you eat by half.
  • Fats (The Unhealthy Kind) – I’m talking about the fried foods, heavy buttery dishes and unhealthy cuts of meat.
  • Alcohol –  oh my! Looking to get rid of that beer belly? Then put down the beer! All those extra calories and carbs are not helping your efforts

The 3rd Method is by Exercising. Do Exercises That Help You Lose Belly Fat

Keep in mind that in order to lose belly fat, calories need to be burned as well.

Other ways to loose belly fat?

Reduce Your Stress Levels
Get Plenty of Restful Sleep. Change Your Lifestyle and Combine Different Methods
Take a daily walk
And try not to sit too much

Also, Forget about weight loss drugs or supplements claiming ‘one trick’
Don’t rely on sit-ups to give you a six-pack
Move around, fidget and quit smoking.

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