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Before the start of the just concluded 2019 general elections in Nigeria, the Nigeria Labour congress made a proposition to the Presidency and the senate for the adjustment of the minimum wage to #70,000 but after so much deliberations, the arms of government came to a compromise of #30,000.

This just paints a grim picture of the financial status of citizens that work for the Government without any other source of Income.

With this reality, the Millenials in the country are starting to think outside the box to diversify their source of income.

At the end of the 20th century in 1999, mobile communication was introduced to africa and other developing parts of the world.

This technological leap ushered in a 21st century with lots of possibilities and an efficient way of communicating in Nigeria and the diaspora. Mobile phone companies including GLO, MTN and Econet buddie now known as Airtel established and started Operations in the beginning of the new millennium. This had a ripple effect on every facet in the country from Commerce, to Security, Entertainment, Education etc. Making mode of communications easier and instant compared to the days of Letters and Faxes that took a lot of time and resources.

Now that communication got easier the next Challenge for Entrepreneurs was Power. Even God almighty created light to see before creating every other thing. But Necessity being the mother of all inventions has tasked and pushed the human mind to a lot for Ingenious ways to tackle this power impediment. This has led millenial Entrepreneurs into even more Creations and Start-ups like affordable solar batteries, inverters and panels to provide electricity whenever and wherever.

After mobile communication got introduced, the INTERNET followed suit. Analysts stated that the INTERNET is more valuable to mankind than “E=MC2” which is Einstein’s equation for the propagation of Energy that ended the World War in 1949.

Brands like Jumia, UBER, OLX, 360nobs to mention a few, have attributed their increased sales and Profit-after-Tax due to the presence of the INTERNET. Because one key ingredient to the success of any business is Publicity/Advertising. Make-up artists, photographers, Bakers, Fashion designers Artistes, Actors, Caterers etc all require the Internet to share their content and creativity to a Larger audience and age group because the print media and mass media i.e Radio and T.V have a limited coverage area. And young people/Millenials spend more time on the INTERNET than they do watching T.V, listening to Radio or reading the papers.

Undoubtedly , the government or an organization can censor and restrict the print or mass media to frustrate of favour any individual/organisation. But they can’t censor the internet because of it’s flexibility and accessibility. Recent data advertorials and commercials of internet providers often use the Cliché “Data is Oxygen” which is true in every stretch of the imagination for Millenials.

Millenial Entrepreneurs see the Internet as a weapon for fighting any challenges that stand on their way of achieving their financial independence and not being caught in the web of salary earning from the Government and dependence on one source of income.

Millenial Entrepreneurs have brought the term “MULTI-TASKING” into spotlight because the mind must be able to carryout a lot of tasks within the space of 24hrs to survive the ever changing millenium and to Live above average.

It’s save to say, this generation has been generally influenced by an increase and fluency within communications, media, and technologies.
But, don’t be discouraged if you have nothing right now. These millennial entrepreneurs started with nearly nothing, and have made it to the top.

Here are some Millenilal Entrepreneurs that have broken the chains of financial dependence on the Government. And you should totally follow them on Instagram.

1: Jason Njoku (CEO Iroko Tv)


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2: Mark Essien ( founder and CEO of Hotels.ng)


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3: Chude Jideonwo (Nigerian lawyer, journalist and media entrepreneur/Founder of Joy, Inc)


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4: Evans Akanno (Founder and CEO of Cregital)


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5: Toyin Lawani (CEO Tiannah’s Empire)


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6: Adebola Williams (Group CEO of Red)


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7: Laura Ikeji (CEO of Laura Ikeji Store)


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8: Arese Ugwu (Author)


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9: Ubi FRANKLIN ( Entrepreneur and CEO of Made Men Music Group)


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10: Nwanneka Nkumah (Founder of Nigeria’s leading Hair brand)


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