Talented and broke: Changing the sick narrative



Designer, teacher, adventurer, chef, gardener, writter, that is me. Don’t turn up your nose because my name is not Jack. In fact, when history brags about me, it will call me Destiny, Queen of F’A’Arts because of how I used my nonpareil talent to master all my trades thereby “enhancing the living experience of families the world over through Design – Fashion, Architecture, & Arts”.

These are the words etched to my soul, words that keep me up at odd hours, and keep my hands stayed on the hustle. Hustle? More like “escorts in the dark”.

I wonder if you are a creative like me – obsessed with order, intolerant for anything short of perfect, well read, multi talented, thinking at a pace of a few world-changing ideas per minute, and hailed by many as the next great inventor, the next potential, the next great achiever about to happen. But, still plagued with an embarrassing bank account, a long list of creditors, and absolutely nothing to show for all my hard toil and nonpareil talent?

The cold hard truth is that the only reason why we are talented and yet so broke is that we have not mastered the discipline, skill set, work ethic, and finesse needed to move from running a hobby to building a successful and profitable business that will outlive generations.

For the next few days, I will be introducing you to a few personalities that are helping me in my quest to change the sick narrative of being talented and broke.
Hold my hands if you hurt like me, let us break this cycle of stagnation and create wealth for posterity and beyond.


Destiny, Queen of F’A’Arts
Instagram: ebae_empire
Email: e.queenoffaarts@yahoo.com

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