Talented and broke: Changing the sick narrative – (2)



1; Pastor Poju Oyemade –

The Word FatherFavorite Lessons from the Word Father
– “Anointing is to skill (and talent) what the whetstone is to a sword”;
– “Look like a fool but know where you are going”;
– “History of great things is tragedy turned into triumph”;
– “Stop stealing, you know what you are gaining but you don’t know what you are losing”;
– “You do not have to be deep to know God”;
– “Tribulations don’t make you strong. Tribulations come to test the strength of the house. So you better be strong before the tribulation comes”;
– “You must first enter paradise with your words before your body enters it.”;
– “Don’t believe in a lazy gospel”;
– “Do what is right, the consequence is the will of God.”;
– “The brain is a muscle, whoever succeeds the most in life is who has expanded that muscle the most. That is it. To succeed in life is like lifting weights the man who can lift more weights is because he has exercised himself in it. The man who moved ahead furthest, who has foresight, understands the law of unintended consequences in a decision that he makes and he seems to be able to know consequences that will even emerge without him (alright) that nobody else knew about, is because he carried weights….”;
– “You’ve come to a world of politics. Wake up before you get played”;
– “It is true that money is not the most important thing. The most important thing is wisdom. But if you get wisdom, wisdom will tell you… ‘You don’t talk like that here’.”;
– “The first law of business is that you never run out of money. If cash runs out, oxygen has left that business.”.

Depression: a state with no foundation mentally built when reality does not match expectation. I was in this state when I first happened upon pastor Poju. He is about the most worded man I know. Even the best will have “aha!” and “eureka” moments while listening to him. I had my fair share of “aha!” here and then while listening to him but really, I think I was more fascinated at how one man could know so much (you couldn’t tell what course he studied in school, he is that versatile) and teach so efficiently. And then one day, he said one of the mistakes he made in life was that he did not read enough (this is not a verbatim report but this is what he insinuated, I think). You know the rhyme from childhood that says, “He that is down need fear no fall”? Well, forget that, if I were down, I would have fallen at hearing those words. But I was in church (Covenant Christian Centre – then, service was held at The Lagoon Restaurant, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island Lagos), surrounded by posh Christians, so I had to behave. But words are like bullets you know, and those words hit the right nerve and created a hunger that only “development by self-education” could fill.

Dear creative meet my mentor ( and please don’t believe that myth that a man is not your mentor if you do not have a personal relationship with him. You can learn more things than you can use in your lifetime from distantly observing a mans work and life, listening to, and reading his publications. If that is not mentorship, I wonder what is), teacher, preacher, – The WordFather, I have absolutely no intent of idolizing this great man but in all honesty and for all the right reasons, these are the adjectives that best describe Pastor Poju Oyemade.

Pastor Poju is the senior pastor of Covenant Christian Centre and the convener of The Platform. He offers us a rich library of resources (Insights for Living indeed) available as text, videos, and audios dating as far back as the 90s, his teachings are lucid, straight to the point, and propose practical solutions, invaluable wisdom, and knowledge one can apply to business, politics, academia, family and relationship, work, and life in general to guarantee success – a quantum leap from talented and broke to talented and productive.

If you are on the quest to break the cycle of stagnation and un productivity, and you “never want to walk alone”, I strongly recommend you follow Pastor Poju Oyemade.
Get ready to swallow a healthy dose bitter Truth Pills.
But what is a bitter pill if it eventually leads to growth and success right?

To get Pastor Poju Oyemade’s resources, visit:
Or download the Covenant Life app on iOS or Android
Instagram & Twitter: @pastorpoju

Other preachers that have influenced me greatly:
– Pastor Bankole Olusina of Kingdom Word Ministries (website- pastor.ng);
– Reverend Sam Adeyemi;
– Pastor Matthew Ashinolowo

2; Christy Wright – Mother of Start-ups

Lessons from the Mother of start-ups
“Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it”.
“The self made woman is a myth”.
“Start more strict than you really are”.
“Go the extra mile, it is never crowded.”.
“There is freedom on the other side of your fear”.
“Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer”.

I like to describe my relationship with mother as a “love-hate affair” – she loves me enough to nurture me to growth, but hates enough to spank and scold me out of harms way.
This is why I call her the mother of Start-ups.
She is an Author, Certified Business Coach, and Ramsey Personality, and yet one of those amazing women that make being a mother, wife, and friend “goals”. She is as beautiful as she is virtuous, witty and humorous, and possesses the rare ability to break down all those high-sounding business principles and knowledge into very lucid and relatable terms that can be understood and practiced by creative entrepreneurs irrespective of our learning ability (VARK – Visual, auditory, read and write, and kinesthetic learner. Please read more about the different types of learners and identify which type of learner you are. This will help you study effectively).
Her coaching covers Business, marketing, motivation, money and finance, health and wellness, education, faith and non-profit. Basically, everything a creative needs to know about self development, goal setting and actualization, starting up a business or switching from running a hobby to running a business, and balancing all the hard work (business) with life (fun and relationships). And what is more, she is very generous with her knowledge.

To boldly say to our talented and broke selves “this far and no farther”, we have to make that mad dash to the loving arms of the Mother of Start-ups. Hurry now… there is enough room for all.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/christybwrig ht?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1gxo2je7jwva9

Other Business Coaches that have influenced me greatly:
I Dare not Dread (@idarenotdread)



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