League of Extraordinary humor moguls



So, what if everybody is doing it?
“Nigeria is one of the best kept secrets, …There is no right time”(Dangote, 2015).

Once upon the days of Comedy, the Kings (Mr Ali Baba, Mr Julius Agwu, etc) reigned and the stars (Mr Basket mouth, Sir Bovi, Lady Chigul, Mr Clint the Drunk, Sir I Go Dye, Mr Akpororo, etc) ruled.

Every body seemed to be doing comedy and it felt like there was no more space in the sky of comedy for any other star to shine through. Boy, we were so wrong.

I wonder if like me, you have had one of those moments of doubt where your golden talent is threatened by the fear of failure because of the notion that “everybody is doing it”.

Well darling, you are not alone. But next time you have that thought, I want you to remember the League of Extraordinary Humor Moguls – the Skit’Medians (skit comedians. Erm… The word only exists in the Destiny Dictionary of f’a’arts, so please do not sweat it)

Mr The-Real-Femi, Mr Lasisi Elenu, Lady Maraji, MC Tagweye, Mr Taofeek Twyse, Sir Kenny Blaq, Mr Frank Donga, Mr Josh 2 Funny, Sir Fancissule, The Calabar chic, Mr AfricanAce, The Wowoboyz, Klinton Cod, I Am Kanmi, Comedian Ebiye, etc.

Every body seemed to be doing comedy but these talented humans stook comedy to another level, they found a way of excelling even in a sea full of good choices.

On the mission to change the narrative of being Talented and broke, we must not wait for the so called perfect time when no one else will be doing what we are doing so we can rise magically as lone stars, saving the day thereby attracting the attention of the whole world. That time will never come and everybody will always be doing what we are doing.

Rather, we have to find a way to “do something new with an old trade(your talent)” (Coelho, 1988) by introducing a special kind of beauty and innovation that sets our talent apart (for good) from all the other’s.

Talented and broke:  Changing the sick narrative – by D., Queen of F’A’Arts 


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