This shouldn’t have the usual Intro! Clears Throat…. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you our favorite MCM. BAAJ ADEBULE.

Good enough? Na? Okay scratch that… hahaha.

I took me a while before I finally decided to reach out to BAAJ for an Interview. Why i dragged my feet? He may not respond I thought. Surprisingly. He did, when i finally found courage to reach out, and he was more than willing to grant us an interview. Amazing right? I know!

We love his craft, we are always in Awe of how he delivers his script. There is something about his art that leaves us speechless every time he is on our screens. And when he smiles? He leaves us breathless.

BAAJ is a young actor who has mastered his art over the years, a graduate of economics from Covenant university.

Baaj who is fast becoming a regular face on our TV , hails from Ogun State and he is a lover of Sports, cartoons and also loves travelling.

Don’t let us spill, Go find out more about YOUR FAVORITE and our FAVORITE MCM – BAAJ ADEBULE.

We know you as Adze Senogou on the MNET series Hush. As well as on Battleground Final Showdown! And on The Mens Club on RedTv, But who is Baaj Adebule ? WHERE ARE YOU FROM? EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? AGE? HOW DID ACTING BEGIN FOR YOU? WHAT’S YOUR STORY? – I am a young Actor, Film Maker, model and Host. But majorly i’m an I’m an Actor and a Film Maker. Starred in a couple of movies, series and short films and I also run a Media Production out fit called House of Baaj Pictures. We have a Zafaa award for best short film in 2015 for the film “Seeing Betrayal” and currently we’re working on filming our next shortfilm and a tv series as well. As a person I’m pretty much a simple guy, I love to work, I love my work and I love preparing to work and when I’m not working, I love sports, adventure, travelling and most of all, I love watching movies, cartoons, anime and TV series.

I am a Nigerian and a second class upper economics graduate from covenant university.

How did you get the role Adze? Did you audition for it? How difficult was it fitting into that role? And what was it like working with the Cast and Crew of Hush and Then battleground Final Showdown? – Oh yes I auditioned. I auditioned alot if there’s anything like that. I first did the general audition then I was invited to a call back. Then afterwards another 4 or 5 screen tests I eventually landed the role. At first i rejected the role cause I was at the time interested in working on another project alongside a film maker I really admired. But I had to pick HUSH eventually cause of the effect it’ll have on my career at the time. Ended up being the best decision.

As an Actor, What has been your favorite role so far? And what role would you love to play that you haven’t yet? – I’ve had the privilege of playing a number of complex characters in my young nollywood career so to pick one as my favourite would be difficult. And sometimes it’s not just the role but who you’re working on the project with that makes it special. Off the top of my head? Playing “Thankgod” was really fun and difficult. That’s his name. The lead character from the film “Uncloaked” showing on DSTV and IROKO. It was an amazing experience. Others are Adze Tsenogu of course, Detective Lazarus on the film “The Missing”. Characters from the film “Payday” and “A Soldier Story” as well jump right off the page. So many come to mind. I’ve been really lucky but there are still a lot I would like to sink my teeth into. From playing a doctor to a pilot then a boxer, a drug addict, a serial killer and I would love to do a biopic as well.

What is the one thing,  people will be surprised to know about you? – There are a bunch of things though. Cause the personality of an Actor is usually assumed. Conclusions are drawn from what people feel an Actor should be like and from the roles he or she plays. So especially when it has to do with me, alot things would be surprising. But I think I get the biggest wow when I tell people I started out a really bad actor. My first year or so in the industry were covered with statements like “This Boy can’t act” or “He is a bad actor can we recast”. But that taught me that; it’s not about where you started from, it’s about what you’re doing to get you to where you want to go.

What was the most hurtful comment about you you’ve ever read?The comments that were the most hurtful came from the start. Like i said before, i got alot of bad feedback in my early years which almost made me quit acting. But when I realized I would rather do this than do anything else it didn’t matter anymore. I was ready and still doing so presently putting the work every single day to develop my craft and become a better actor.

Apart from Acting, what else should we expect from you? Any underground projects? – I am as you know a film maker as well. I and my team have been working on a tv series for quite some time now. Filmed the pilot some months ago and released a one minute clip of it on Instagram and the reception was unprecedented. Went viral and had people asking for the full thingy got a ton of views, likes and positive feedback. Which was very motivating. But first we want to shoot a short-film to address a topic no one is talking about and has become more and more rampant nowadays.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on a role? – Having the chance to play a role with all the factors that would help you give a great performance is almost impossible. Especially in Nigeria. The chances of getting a great script, with a great role, with a great cast, with a great director, crew, good working conditions and having ample time to prep is very rare and usually impossible. So the challenge always comes from having to compromise and/or go the extra mile to cover some shortcomings caused by the folks you’re working with or Nigeria itself. And even after that, knowing there are somethings beyond your control is a big challenge. But it’s all part of the work.

 If you could change just one thing about the Nigeria Entertainment industry with the wave of a magic wand, what would it be? – I would change the mentality of the Nigerian entertainer. From the actors, to the crew, to directors, writers, executive producers, heads of production houses, cinema owners, Awards organizers etc. We have a very skewed way of thinking and approaching things in Nigeria. We key into working a broken system that only favors a small set of people and effectively hampers our growth. Our approach to work, the way we deal with our colleagues, the kind of product we put out there are all representation of this flawed mindset majority of the people in our industry are cursed with. The need to compromise and cut corners and sacrifice the art for short term goals and small profit. Promoting vile and unfair acts, rewarding mediocrity and discouraging hard work, true talent and know how. Replacing it with misplaced pride and inflated egos. It’s put us in a one step forward three steps backs situation.

How many movies have you been part of so far? – I really can’t count them. Never really bothered to keep track of the number. Once I’m done with a project I focus on detoxing myself of the character but still try to retain all the things I’ve learned about acting and about life. I’ve starred in a couple of movies and series; to name a few A Soldier Story, Road to Yesterday, Payday, 5ive, Zena, The Missing, The Governor, Seeing Betrayal, Studio, Hush, etc and a number of movies and series yet to be released.

What has been your biggest career moment? – At the moment I’d have to say playing Adze Tsenogu on Hush. It was my first time playing a particular character for such a long time as we filmed Hush for about a year. And of all my projects he’s the character the fans have gravitated to the most. He has really had an impact on a lot of people’s lives which in turn has had an impact on mine.

How do you try to improve on your acting skills? – Give us a few tips on how to be a successful actor. – I’d say a lot of the same things that would make one successful in any field also applies to acting. The amount of love, hard work, dedication, research, humble learning and development you give to your career or any endeavor goes a long way in ensuring that you excel in it. And I have and still practice all of that everyday for every role. You can learn from everything and anything. From the way you live your everyday life, to your friends or a stranger on the street. Learn from watching movies both domestic and international. Learn by asking questions and finding answers. Learn from practice and rehearsals. It’s always an ongoing process to try to be better than the you of yesterday.

My approach to acting and to playing characters is to make the character, his story, objectives, motivations, flaws, virtues and relationships be as real to me as possible. So I try my best to soak myself in the characters reality and in the world of the movie. This helps me not to act as the character but to be me in the character and for the character to exist through me. The audience want to believe what they’re seeing, they want to be deceived but not necessarily fooled, they need you to suspend their disbelief and it’s your job and that of the film maker to do so. Thus if you can in one way or the other successfully make it real to you then it’ll be real to them and that’s where you start to witness good acting and in a way no acting at all.

Up Close and Personal…

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Not proud of it but a fan saw me in the back seat of a car and was so excited, he left the steering of his car and pulled out his phone to take pictures. Now I had to pose with a smile till he was done whilst praying his car doesn’t turn in to one if the trailers on eko bridge. I hope he got a good shot though.

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

To not become the actor and film maker I dream of being. To just be another flash in pan and not be one that is remembered for a long time or for all time.

What would be your super power if you had one ?

Telepathy. The whole nine yards of it, from reading minds, to controlling them, the whole Prof Xavier mutant level telepath.

What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

I’d say this question is the weirdest question I’ve ever been asked.

Do you sing in the shower?


What is your favourite movie?

There’s no one film that’s my favourite. The answer is so large that I don’t even have a favourite genre.

Celebrity Crush?

Not sure i have one at the moment. I think the closest to it would be Toni Tones. Her performance in King of Boys blew me away. And having known her for quite a while, seeing her take on such a role and completely killing it gave me goosebumps. Kudos to her, can’t wait to work with her again.

What’s your most annoying habit?

I eat kilishi too much. Can’t really think of one at the moment.

Single or Secretly Married?

None of the above.


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