December is here again after many months of hustling to get the bills paid.

So if you think you deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest without reservation this December, you should be no where else than the City of Calabar.

After all; you deserve to be happy, giving your life a meaningful experience.

Trust me, the City of Calabar has the kind of euphoria that can guarantee you the best of excitement this December…

The famous and beautiful City of Calabar is located in the South-South region of Nigeria, being the Capital City of Cross River state. It’s endowed with several tourist attraction sites that are very appealling.

Try it or leave it! But be sure that some fantasies are better experienced than you can ever imagine.

Below are my five fun things to do in Calabar this December.

1. Experience The Carnival Calabar

The Calabar Carnival has a lot of exicting experience to offer. As Africa’s Biggest Street Party! It’s an event worth experiencing as thousands of people from far and near storm  the streets of Calabar to witness the event.

You can not afford to miss the colourfulness of the event.

2. Have a Good time at the Municipality Garden
The best place to be among other places in Calabar is right there at the Calabar Municipality Garden.

Fortunately, Its December! And the season offers the opportunity of outdoor open-air relaxation with your family or friends.

I bet you, your mouth can’t go a second idle as they are lots and lots of eatables to explore there.


Although, we have TVs, Cables and video players at home to watch our movies and TV series for entertainment.

But its December and you try something different. Try going to the movies with your partner or friend. Go watch a movie at the Calabar Mgus Cinema house located at Marina Resort.

4. Have Fun at the Tinapa Water Park

The Tinapa Water Park is one place you can never exhaust its exhilarating experience for you.

The beautiful thing about being there is that you get to play on the pool with friends.

And if you think you can’t swim, that’s fine! There are still lots of fun activities for you.

5. Take a Speed boat Tour

Marina Speed boat tour

This one is really fun to experience especially for those scared of the sight of deep water because in the end, you just realised you had fun all the way amidst your fear.

There’s a river that connect Marina with Tinapa and usually there are speed boat riders who takes people across the river to the other side of Tinapa Lake Side Hotel.

If your fun in Calabar does not includes this tour or any of the fun things I mentioned, I bet you that it’s incomplete.

Don’t fail to take pictures of your fun moments as they mean a lot to you in the future.

  • These are my Fun Five things to do in Calabar this December. If you have any other thing you consider to be fun to do in Calabar, please make do to share in the comments section.

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