LIZZY O. Popularly Known As The #DIYLADY Shares Her Childbirth Vlog.



You might have come across her gorgeous wedding photos which was all over the internet. Well the DIYLADY has welcomed her 1st child despite her Spinal Cord Injury which has left her on a wheel chair for years.
She has joyfully shared her childbirth experience on her Vlog to encourage someone out there.
She Wrote……
Hi world. Today’s Vlog is our very emotional, raw Birth Vlog. I am excited to share this with you all… firstly because we are so blessed with the successful and joyous birth of our daughter, and secondly because I personally wanted to share this experience with “somebody” out there. When I was pregnant and started to prepare for the birth of our daughter, I searched through the internet for videos of somebody I could fully relate to who posted their birth vlog and found NONE. There were many birth Vlogs all over the place, and while I enjoyed watching them, I couldn’t relate to most of the moms or their experiences.
As I’ve shared with you guys during my pregnancy journey, my doctor is AMAZING and she gave me the peace of mind I needed. Her wealth of knowledge coupled with my husbands support, our combined faith and God’s grace made pregnancy and childbirth a wonderful experience for me despite my diagnosis of spinal cord injury. I am truly glad we were able to document this experience. I hope this video gives somebody out there HOPE, and strengthens your faith that with God, all things are possible.
Watch Video Below.

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