Don’t Be Left Out! Learn 3 Designing Skills In 9 Days!



Join our highly impactfull hands-on whatsapp class to become one step closser to becoming one of the amazing designers the world has been waiting for. These classes include

21st&23rd Oct.2018 | 08:00pm WAT. We’ll teach you how to MAKE & SELL hautecouture fashion accessories.
Link to register& pay –

EMBELLISHMENT Class | 12th-14thOct2018 | daily,08:00pm WAT;

We’ll teach you how to transform ordinary #fabrics into #luxury fabrics & how to #sell them;
Link to register & pay –

17th-19th Oct 2018|08:00pm WAT. We’ll teach you how to MAKE&SELL baby wears.

Link to register & pay

Every participant gets
1. Free Mentorship on how to start a successful store to sell their products;
2. Free Logo Design

P R O M O:
VALUEPACK you can pay for the 3 classes at a discount price of N7,000.
Link to register & pay for all 3 classes:

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