Top 5 Reasons You should Launch Your Business To The Cloud



It is quite surprising that even until now many businesses are yet to embrace the modern day tech innovations and models of carrying out business operations. Even at the face of a highly competitive global market, keeping to  business dynamic trends requires both human and artificial intelligence.

At both the micro and macro levels of businesses, Information technology should not just be contrued as a plus but an integral part of business modus operandi.

Microsoft founder, Bill Gate had once said, “whatever  else  you  have  on  your  side  today—smart employees,  excellent  products,  loyal  customers,  cash  in  the  bank —you  need  a  fast  flow  of  good  information  to  make  processes efficient,  raise  quality,  and  improve  the  way  you  put  your  plan into  practice”.

Certianly,  technology provides this whole efficiency in information integration, magenament and implementation.

When it comes to doing business with tech twenty first century model, cloud computing can be very resourceful in information integration and management.

By taking your business to the cloud, I don’t literally mean taking your business to the mountain top to get the vent of the cloud. When inforations are stored or and disseminated via the internet we are simply cloud computing.

But a more comprehensive understanding to cloud computing is it on-demand network access for managing, storing and processing information via the internet. Cloud Computing offers the following opportunities you can’t afford to tap into.


One of the best things about cloud solutions is that users no longer have to  to take their files with them everywhere they go. This means even while on vacation, teams can stay in touch, keeping projects moving forward through the cloud. A presentation can be deployed directly from a user’s smartphone. Applications that handle billing, cost estimating, and project management can be accessed during meetings, allowing attendees to get the information they need without making everyone wait until the meeting is over and everyone has returned to their offices.

  1. Low Operating Cost

Cloud-based software application delivery model means you can forgo the initial purchasing of software, hardware and support services in favor of renting your software (CRM, eCommerce and ERP) and IT infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis. As a result, you forgo the recurring cycle of upgrading and replacing hardware and software each year as new computing power makes old hardware obsolete, and new software upgrades require revisions and new releases. These on-going maintenance and support activities becomes the responsibilities of the cloud-based service provider.


Cloud computing application delivery models allow you to focus on managing and growing your business, and relieves you of day to day IT troubleshooting or distractions. This means you can have bigger opportunity to grow your business while your cloud base service provider takes care of your IT challenges.

4.Amazing Reporting Capability

Cloud base software’s with Role-based dashboards provide real-time information in the form of key performance indicators to you, the owner of a company, right down to your front-line employees. When it comes to reporting, no longer is there more then one version of the truth – everyone is looking at and operating from the same information.

5. Unlimited and Secured Storage

What would happen if your business data got destroy either by negligence or by some natural disaster? The consequent of such an experience would better be imagined than experience. Cloud based computing software’s gives your business the data-proof storage capacity with backup so as to enabled you recover your files anyway, anytime.

Interestingly, you don’t have to worry about the storage capacity because cloud storage offers unlimited capacity as much as you can opt for in your subscription plan.


By John Okoi

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