Depression kills faster than death and that’s my philosophy, what’s yours?
Have we ever thought about depression this way “you hurt me with your words…….”?
Certainly not.
Yes words lead to depression and in worst cases suicidal thoughts.
Have you ever been made to feel the lowest of your esteem and ego just by a statement made by anyone?
Passer by? Lecturer?
Have you been called a slut, crack head, lazy, ugly, dirty or fake randomly?
Have you been degraded by your supposed boss who’s always acting up?
Do you have people around you who make you feel like they know everything about you and your thoughts about yourself makes no sense to them?
Then we are friends already. lol.
So i bring you help.

People who always feel,  you are in a competition with them are the most insecure people, i know the tables turned around.

(Feel free to share your insecurities in the comment section 😚)

People who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel for you and look for possible obstacles to project are your enemies.

People who feel that their philosophies of life cannot be bested especially by you are the problem.

People who make you see yourself in your worst form only to come up with the word “i’m only encouraging you ” are the problem.

People who watch you make mistakes and hold back answers are the worst.

People who make you feel less because they are successful.

Anyone who falls under any of these categories are likely going to get you into a state of depression.


So how do they actualize their agendas?
They make use of the only power they have over you…. “Words”.
The people who have the easiest direct access to you and are likely going to influence your decisions are your “friends ” and the sooner we realise that not all friends are interested in our good the better.
These are friends who have been overly jealous of you and would die everyday just to be like you.

Pride wouldn’t let them ask you the secrets to your glow.  So they just resort to negativity and an uncalculated theory about yourself.

They make sure you believe them and gradually you’d find yourself swimming in the rights of other people’s opinion about you.
Days turn into weeks and psychologically you’re affected and boom, depression sets in.
The only way to solve this is take away the power you give your friends who make you feel less is to take away your “Attention ” from them.


Pay little or no attention to naysayers and just shine.

Glow baby,glow.
Go out often, make better friends, join Snapchat if necessary, travel more and never forget to pray more.

Lastly, bonding with your partner during this times go the longest way.

Success is the best form of revenge.


#thisisourreligion⛥ ☢☢⛅🌠
• Draw energy from people who matter.
It’s okay to lose your guard,
It’s okay to be trampled on,
It’s also okay to be afraid,
But don’t let those get the best of you,
Years will pass by if you do let it happen,
Realisation would be too late,
And yes, you’ve actually not achieved any dream because you didn’t wake up fast.
The best is to grow ADMist pain so
don’t let few words of few minutes deprive you a lifetime of success because you can’t stop people from talking.
• Draw strength from your inner vibe.
Your inner vibe is the reason why you want to keep going, it’s that weekly reminder that you deserve the best.
• My dreams are valid and so are yours and
You can always make better friends.


Let’s not be the reason why someone’s dream is shattered due to our bad energy .
Curb every part of you that always judges others. We aren’t perfect humans and we should never expect perfection from others.
Do away with hurtful words when you know you don’t ever wanna get hurt.
Who the hell are we to decide how a fellow human is supposed to live his/her life????
Tell me your insecurities……..yes, in the comment section.

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