When it comes to choosing lipsticks, there are certain lipstick colors that are  timeless. They are the type of Universal lipstick shades that you just feel like you can’t live without and must have.

The First Lipstick for any season of the year would be none other than Classic Red, (This is actually my favorite shade).

You will never go wrong with a classic RED. It is definitely a must have in your makeup bag. The color classic Red is a Match to any and every outfit you are wearing . { RED LIPSTICK MAKES WOMEN FEEL NAUGHTY AND SEXY. GET THE BOLD LOOK WITH A CLASSIC RED LIPSTICK.}

However there are a few do’s and don’ts when wearing red lipstick.

  •     It is very important to be precise when applying red lipstick. Whether your applying it with a brush or just straight out the tube.
  •  If you’re planning on using a lip liner make sure to get the exact same red or a dark red. If you don’t get the same red it will look two-toned with exception of a dark red because you’ll get an ombre look which by the way makes your lips pop!
  •   Apply a little concealer around the border of your mouth to prevent bleeding.
  •    Last but not least, avoid getting lipstick on your teeth. After applying your lipstick try putting your finger in your mouth and pulling it out like so…

The 2nd and 3rd shades would be berry or plum. Sometimes when we hear “purple lipstick” we may get intimidated and feel as so we can’t pull off the look. If we get out of our comfort zone and become more open to different lipstick shades we find that we look really awesome!

Tips and tricks to pulling off berry or plum lips:

  • Make sure you exfoliate and use lip liner prior to applying lipstick.
  • Apply primer to prevent dark colors from sinking into lines.
  • Add highlighter around your lips to make them stand out.

The 4th must have lipstick shade would be a nude. The nude is very flattering if you ask me. When wearing nude lipstick, you should pair it with a bold brow and maybe a smoky eye look to bring life to the face.

When picking a nude lipstick shade there are some things to keep in mind.

  • If you get to dark of a nude shade it’ll look like you’re trying to make brown lipstick happen.
  • Too light and you’ll start to resemble the living dead.

With that said try to stay somewhere in between your skin tone, not too light or too dark.

You can never go wrong with a nude lipstick shade!

The nude lip makes for the perfect natural look.

Last but not least lipstick shade everybody should own is pink! Pink lips are fun and trendy to try out all year round.

Pulling off the “pretty in pink” look may seem easy but let me tell you its not!

You need to pick out a pink shade that’ll go with your skin tone.

Here are some tips and tricks to pull off the “pretty in pink” look:

  • Bright lips tend to bring out the flaws on our lips, to avoid that we should exfoliate our lips and add a lip balm prior to applying lipstick.
  • Those with warmer complexion should go for a cooler toned lipstick and vice versa.
  • Rather than applying a lot of color all at once, it would be smarter to gradually build up the color.
  • Applying your lipstick with a brush is a great tip to ensure that you get those corners and for a more flawless look.

To make your pink lips the stamen look in your face you should avoid attention to your eyes by wearing fairly simple eye make up.




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