According to DailyMail, A husband rented a van, broke into a failing funeral parlour and stole his mother-in-law’s body to take to a different undertaker – all without telling his wife.

The unnamed man had not been able to get in contact with the undertaker, where his recently deceased mother-in-law’s body was being kept for several days.

Desperate to give her a proper send-off, he decided to rescue his dead mother-in-law from Butterfly Funeral Services in Rochester, Kent.

The frantic husband said he asked traders to act as look-outs as he used a doorway down an alleyway to break into Butterfly Funeral Services.

He loaded the corpse onto a trolley in broad daylight and wheeled it into a van before returning to pick up clothing his wife had set aside to dress her mother’s body for the funeral.

The man said: ‘I had no option; I’d even spent two days at the police station trying to track the owner down, but I just couldn’t get hold of her.

‘I had to get the body out. I had taken on all of the organising and I didn’t want to bother my wife at this time.

‘She still to this day doesn’t know what happened and I won’t be telling her.’

The company ceased trading several weeks ago, leaving grieving relatives with unanswered questions.

The Owner, Ms Calder said she had closed the parlour ‘due to ill health’, and apologized.

She said: ‘I sincerely apologize if the families I have served have had difficulty in contacting me.’

Aside from burglary, it is not clear whether the deceased son-in-law actually committed any offences.

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