When it comes to feminine hygiene concerning the “her royal highness, vajayjay” most of us shy away into discussing how to treat it right, which is sad because we need to learn all we need to know at a young age about keeping our vaginas healthy, happy and more happy. We need to learn these tips from our mothers, sisters and close female relatives or friends because we need to treat it with care, tenderly, it’s so delicate and it’s such a powerful tool.

Well; if you’re worried about how to truly care for your flower,  here are a few tips.

  • Eat clean foods ( i.e less sugar) helps with keeping the V odor have you smelling clean and healthy
  • DO NOT use soap to clean inside the V.  and/or anything scented
  • Wear cotton underwear, the more breathable your underwear is, the better
  • Pee after Sex
  • Try sleeping without your underwear, let it breaaaath

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