I know am not alone on this! There have been times in my adult life where I have played the victim when it comes to finances, thinking things like, “I wish we could just be normal. I want to go into one store and buy whatever I want without having to worry about sticking to my budget. I get sick of tracking my spending. SOMETIMES I am excited about saving and meeting my financial goals. It’s a challenge to see how much i can save and what i can do to improve my financial picture.

Well; am guessing that most of you are pretty passionate about tackling your finances and saving money as well, so I decided to put together a list of 5 very practical, actionable things that we all could do to keep more of our money this week.

1. CREATE A BUDGET:  If you want to save more money, you have to have a plan to do so. Sitting around and just hoping there will be extra cash laying around at the end of the month usually doesn’t work very well! Making a budget may sound daunting, but it really isn’t difficult!

2. TRACK YOUR SPENDING:  – Once you’ve created your little budget, you’ll need to know if you were sticking to it or not, right? The only way to do that is to track your spending.

3. MAKE A SMALL GOAL THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS WEEK: While looking at your budget and working on tracking your spending, you might also like to make some goals. If you’re am aiming for something and have a plan to get there, you’re so much more likely to achieve it than just sitting around waiting for it to happen!

4: GO SHOPPING LESS OFTEN: This might be a tough one. But to save,  you’ll need to stop the incidental purchases.

5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO FIND FREE FUN: This one is definitely all about mindset! There are awesome free activities out there if you go looking for them!

So; Whichever method(s) you use, be proud of yourself for making the decision to improve your financial picture. The peace of mind that comes from being “financially fit” is so worth it, and it is never too late to start. You can do this!



  1. Kennedy Mesioye Olamide says:

    Thanks for the tips

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