The world cup finally kicked off after so much anticipation. The world is buzzing with excitement. We all know Soccer has a way of uniting people.

Oh, well, you don’t f need not be in Russia to get a feel of all the fun at the World Cup. And that’s why i took out time to put together interesting facts about the on going world cup,

So, get your mobile devices and take a read.

On Thursday, more than 70 Thousand people came to Moscow to experience this wildfire of fun.

The fist Match held at “Luzhniki Stadium”

The Host country took on Saudi Arabia scoring a 5 – 0.

President Vladimir Putin officials Declared the tournament open.

Russia is spending more than $13 billion (11 billion euros) on hosting football’s showpiece.

This is the most important event ever recorded in Russia since the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics.

Putin said: “I congratulate all of you at the start of the most important championship in the world,” Right before the Match Started at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow .

performing at the opening ceremony at the Luzhniki was British pop star Robbie Williams which will also host the final on July 15.

People are of the opinion that the 2010 Theme songs which included : waka waka by Shakira
Waving flag by K’naan
Oh Attica by Akon ft Keri Hilson
Were the ever best theme songs in the history of Fifa World Cup.

Brazil and their superstar Neymar are seeking a sixth global crown while Germany, who won their fourth World Cup in Brazil four years ago, will be determined to draw level with the Brazilians.

On the theme of referees, this World Cup is set to be the first ever to utilise the VAR system.

The money lavished on the tournament will boost Putin’s already sky-high prestige at home by giving many of the 11 host cities their first facelifts in generations.

France boast possibly the most talented squad while Lionel Messi is desperate to make amends for Argentina’s defeat in the 2014 final.

The tournament also offers Putin a chance to project Russia as a global player that is accepted and respected even while being at odds with the United States.

Putin hopes the most-watched event on the planet provides Russia with the “soft power” needed to capture a sceptical world’s hearts and minds.

This is no doubt that I feel almost like this is a tournament happening in Camelot due to the excessive excitement.


So enjoy Fifa World Cup 2018 just like me from SuperSport.

We’d meet personally at Qatar in 2022 because I sure ain’t gonna watch from home.

Here’s the World Cup Schedule:

Thursday, June 14
11 am: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia (Final score: 5-0, Russia)

Friday, June 15
8 am: Egypt vs. Uruguay
11 am: Morocco vs. Iran
2 pm: Portugal vs. Spain

Saturday, June 16
6 am: France vs. Australia
9 am: Argentina vs. Iceland
12 pm: Peru vs. Denmark
3 pm: Croatia vs. Nigeria

Sunday, June 17
8 am: Costa Rica vs. Serbia
11 am: Germany vs. Mexico
2 pm: Brazil vs. Switzerland

Monday, June 18
8 am: Sweden vs. South Korea
11 am: Belgium vs. Panama
2 pm: Tunisia vs. England
Tuesday, June 19

8 am: Colombia vs. Japan
11 am: Poland vs. Senegal
2 pm: Russia vs. Egypt

Wednesday, June 20
8 am: Portugal vs. Morocco
11 am: Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia
2 pm: Iran vs. Spain

Thursday, June 21

am: Denmark vs. Australia
11 am: France vs. Peru
2 pm: Argentina vs. Croatia
Friday, June 22
8 am: Brazil vs. Costa Rica
11 am: Nigeria vs. Iceland
2 pm: Serbia vs. Switzerland
Saturday, June 23
8 am: Belgium vs. Tunisia
11 am: South Korea vs. Mexico
2 pm: Germany vs. Sweden
Sunday, June 248
8 am: England vs. Panama
11 am: Japan vs. Senegal
2 pm: Poland vs. Colombia
Monday, June 25
10 am: Uruguay vs. Russia
10 am: Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt
2 pm: Spain vs. Morocco
2 pm: Iran vs. Portugal
Tuesday, June 26
10 am: Australia vs. Peru
10 am: Denmark vs. France
2 pm: Nigeria vs. Argentina
2 pm: Iceland vs. Croatia
Wednesday, June 27
10 am: South Korea vs. Germany
10 am: Mexico vs. Sweden
2 pm: Serbia vs. Brazil
2 pm: Switzerland vs. Costa Rica
Thursday, June 28
10 am: Japan vs. Poland
10 am: Senegal vs. Colombia
2 pm: Panama vs. Tunisia
2pm: England vs. Belgium


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