Aries – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – Activity in your sector of communication makes you a very busy bee indeed. You’ll be writing, e-mailing, texting, and calling your favorite people and actually reaching them this week. It’s also easier for you to find freelance work and get your work done so you can get paid more quickly. You can make progress now as long as you don’t step on anyone’s feet. Tread carefully.

Taurus – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – This week is a busy one for you, as the focus is on foreign cultures, travel, languages, and higher learning. It’s time to think about investing in markets far from where you live, so do your research. Aspects indicate that you’re likely to be feeling buoyant, too.

Gemini – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – It’s an up and down week for you. On the one hand, much of the focus this week is on money and status. On the other, aspects affect your house of debt and other people’s money. The Universe wants you to sort this out before it gets any worse.

Aquarius – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – It’s a great week for you. Lots of power surrounds you, and you can now attract what you want and need. Regarding money, you’re headed in the right direction, and you’ll have more communication here. Aspects show that your current debt is on its way down, thanks to your diligent effort and planning. Great job!

Cancer – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – You have a lot of creativity now, as well as a desire to enhance your appearance and give more thought to the way you project yourself to the world. You’re driven to look to your personal and professional relationships to help you advance in your work and money lives.

Leo – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – This week may bring some strange feelings from your past (or perhaps past lives). You could feel somehow boxed in or forced toward a certain conclusion. Aspects affecting your employment sector mean that you need to focus more attention here to make your work meaningful and lucrative.

Virgo – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – You have the benefit of the doubt this week, thanks to influences in your area of politics and groups. A dream you’ve held close to your heart has a chance to develop as your social networks connect you to the very people you need to know. You may need to pay more attention to your house of fun, romance, and children. Bring this joyful energy into your work.

Libra – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – Aspects serve to bring greater security to your life in many ways, not the least of which involves your cash-flow situation. Astral activity affects your house of relationships for the better. Just stay grounded and don’t get too emotional if someone doesn’t respond exactly the way you’d hoped.

Scorpio – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – You have a few challenges to deal with this week, which could make you feel tired and drained. Aspects affect the area of your daily employment. Although things may be going more smoothly, your feelings about your workplace haven’t changed. Now is the time to get started on making a transformation. Indications show that it’s time to get serious about your career.

Sagittarius – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – This week brings you a sigh of relief. You’ll find out that change is possible. If you’ve been lax about stabilizing your career and looking toward advancement, it’s time to make a shift. If your career doesn’t want to cooperate, you need to map out the steps for change. Money follows when you get in touch with your emotions. Whatever makes you happy will give meaning to your working life.

Capricorn – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – This week is about communication and your sector of employment. Things are likely to stop breaking down, which will make your job easier, but your money is also affected. Have you been too shy to ask for what you’re worth? Find an opening to demonstrate the value you bring to the company. Then ask for a meeting and make your case. Success follows.

Pisces – Jun 4, 2018 – Jun 10, 2018 – It’s a strange week for you. Although there will be forward movement in your life and fewer concerns with technology, there are issues on the home front with unexpected expenses. Meanwhile, changes come to the workplace and its personnel and policies. If you’re still on board, it’s going to get better. If not, it’s never going to be what you want. Think about how to make a healthy change.



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