JIC you don’t know!  New Abbreviations pop up on social media every second.  And most times you may feel lost while struggling to understand what’s been said.

To ease the stress we hereby bring you 20 most used Abbreviation currently trending and of course what it stands for.

BAE: Before Anyone Else.

RT: Retweet.

TBT: Throw Back Thursday.

FBF:  Flash Back Friday.

WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday.

MCM: Man Crush Monday.

TL;DR: Too Long;Didn’t Read.

GTR: Getting Ready

ASL: Age/Sex/Location.

LMK: Let Me Know.

SMH: Shaking My Head.

FTW: For The Win.

TBH: To Be Honest.

IRL: In Real Life.

IDK:  I don’t know.

TTYL:  Talk to you later.

DIY:  Do it yourself.

BTW:  By the way.

BRB:  Be right back.

                       JIC:  Just in case.

FAQ – frequently asked questions.

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