Yay! We are excited to bring you our first exclusive celebrity interview for the year 2018. And this one is special to us. You know why? Because we crossed the borders (Lol) to bring you a very talented Art – Kocabelle Guemini. You probably know her as ESE from Hotel Majestic or Drip from the Johnson’s. But one thing you probably don’t know is the fact that she’s Cameroonian.

Oh Yes! And undoubtedly very talented and we’d love to see more of her on our screens.

Personally; I have always been curious about her? Why Nigeria? Why NOLLYWOOD? How old is she? How did she find herself in Nollywood? What were her struggles? And it goes on and on.

My curiosity, brought about this exciting interview. And am sure you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Go ahead and Know Kocabelle more.

GLANCE; We have seen you on our screens from Hotel Majestic to The Johnson’s.  We probably know you by the characters you played.  
We’ll like to know you more, who really is Kocabelle Guemini? Your Educational background, Where you from? How old are you? What’s your story in a Nutshell? 

KOCABELLE: I’m just a girl with a big dream, a lot of principles and a way bigger God. I have a BTS equals to HND in business communication and a degree in Publicity. I’m from Cameroon. I’m 31 years old.

I left my country and my job as a creative director in an AD agency in 2012 to come to nigeria to pursuit my Dream. And so far, I am thankful and grateful for my journey. Praise God!

GLANCE: How did acting begin for you?   
KOCABELLE: I can say acting began for me by accident. I started by writing little stories and I was going to sell it to a then new TV station that did a lot of skit. When I got there, a production was held down cuz the lead actress was late. I was just passing when the director called me and ask if I was an actress. Without thinking I just said “I think so” right there they tried me and gave me the role. Though it was just a 5mins film. I enjoyed every bit of it. 
And Why and how did you find yourself in Nollywood?

After a couple a small projects back home. I became a bit distracted and almost failed my exam that year. My father struck a deal with me. He said, “leave acting for now. Finish with school. Once you graduate, if you still want to act, I will support you fully.”

That was a pretty good deal. So I accepted. 
That’s how I almost forgot about acting. Finished high school, then graduated, then started a fine job right after. Then I was working in the day and going to school after work at night to get a degree in Publicity. Which I did.
Again, completely accidentally on a day out there was an audition going on where I was hanging out. I went in and perform. A week later they called me to offer me the lead role. I went to a couple of sets after that, I didn’t  enjoy my job in the office as much as I used to. Acting just took over my heart. And I decided that Nollywood was the place to be if I was going to really make a living out of it.
Here I am.

GLANCE: What was it like working with the cast and crew of Hotel Majestic and The Johnson’s? How did you get those roles?  And do you look forward b to working with the amazing talents again? 
KOCABELLE: Working with both productions was amazing. Most especially Hotel Majestic. I guess because it was my first major production. So the thrill was incredible. 

I got hotel majestic role through a tough audition that lasted a year. We were all auditioned to be cast in the pilot episode. But after the pilot they dropped everybody except Ivie and I. And even after that, we still went through another audition process with a whole bunch of other actors. 

As for the Johnsons, I was privileged to be called to come and join the cast. 
I definitely am looking forward to work with these cast again… In another production playing entirely different characters ofcuz. 
GLANCE: What projects are you currently working on and what future projects are you looking to work on? 

KOCABELLE: The projects I’m working on now, I don’t think I’m allowed just yet to talk about them. I just finished one. I’m starting another one in a couple of days. One will be out in the movie pretty soon. You will just have to wait. I’m sorry. Lol.

GLANCE: How would you describe your acting style? 

KOCABELLE: I don’t know. Really. I won’t say I’m a method actor and all. Cuz it really just depends on the character for me. Every character has his own style of preparation. My style of acting depends on the kind of character I have at hand.

GLANCE: In the Nigerian Entertainment world today. Who would you say inspires you to become more in terms of Acting? 

KOCABELLE: I watched a lot of them from home. An each one in his own way added that little extra to my hope of becoming an actress. I could name them all but you won’t have enough space. Lol. But I remember that few months before I came to nigeria, I happened to watch a lot of Mike Ezuruonye   films. And I was wowed each time. It’s kind of strange that I have met a lot of them already, but I haven’t met him yet. Hopefully it will be in a production. That will be great. Lol.

GLANCE:  Tell us 5 things people don’t know about you.  

KOCABELLE: Ah! If there are things people don’t know about me, it means they are things I don’t want them to know. Lol. The thing is, I’m not very good at talking about myself. That’s why questions helps a lot most of the time. But you will have a good idea of who I am on my social media pages.

GLANCE: What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet? 

KOCABELLE: Hmmm! A lady in control and in command. Seductive but untouchable. Though but fair. Vulnerable but unattainable. I can’t wait. Her complexity will really thrill me.

GLANCE:  Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their dreams?  And what word of advice do you have for them? 

KOCABELLE: Well, I think one of the reason is because most inspiring actors are not really passionate about the job but about the fame. Entertainment is a hard dream to fulfill so you need passion for the job to withstand all the rejections on the way to breakthrough. Without passion you will end up frustrated and desperate. And once you are desperate, you are at the mercy of all the  “wrong people” in the industry. That will just add up to your frustration and you will give up eventually.

My advice it’s the same I give to all who come to me: there is no point disturbing all the directors and actors you know online. audition is the only right way. Go to as many as you possible can. Don’t try to obtain favor from anybody. Be righteous and God will help you at the right time. Get ready to receive rejection. Cuz it will happen a lot. It’s part of the hustle. But if you are talented and truly passionate, you will make it! 
Worked for me.

GLANCE: What 3 actors would you really love to work with? 

KOCABELLE: Mike Ezuruonye,  Majid Michel, Adesua Etomi  

Now let’s get up close and personal.  

 – craziest thing you’ve ever done for love. 

I don’t think I have done anything I won’t do again if I have to. 

–  your celebrity crush? 

I really don’t know…

– single or married? 


– can you cook?

YES. I take pride in my cooking. My mom did a great job. Lol. 

  Favourite Cameroon and Nigerian meal?

Cameroon: Ndole

Nigeria: pounded yam and egusi

– Religious or not? 

I’m a Devout christian

– Your current phone wallpaper.  

Picture of me 🙈

And a picture of my pastor (David Oyedepo)

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