“May the grace of our lord Jesus Christ, the love of God…………….
The voices trailed off as Timi got lost in deep thoughts during the close of church service.
She thought about Eyo and how perfect he was when they had just started dating. He was a total gentleman.. Opening doors for her, kissing her, and complimenting her always. He cooked for her on days when she went over to his place, he was just so perfect…
” madam”
That was Buki’s voice dragging her out of her day dream.
“So you’re still giving me the silent treatment abi?
Anyways, when you tire, let me know..I’m going for tribe meeting upstairs” Buki said to her as she walked away.

She had completely forgotten about the group meeting after church. She just wanted to go home.
Thinking of an escape plan to dodge the meeting, she bumped into a little girl running to her mum.
“Sorry, sorry dear…don’t cry” she cooed at the little girl as she picked her up from the floor and gathered up her things. She was a little upset about the attention the fuss was making. Too distracted, she didn’t notice jollof rice standing at a corner and staring at her with a smile on his lips.
She was too distracted and just needed to go home.

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