“Pick your phone Timi…common..
Pick up..pick up”
Buki kept muttering as she tried Timi’s number for the umpteenth time.
“Hello…babes how far? You want to blow up my phone? I was at the Hod’s office….what’s up?”
Timi asked as she came on the phone.
“Madam, where have you been? I’ve been calling you all day.. Where are you?”
Buki asked sounding so anxious and troubled.
“I just left the campus…I’m around that junction close to road safety office…wetin happen?”
“Come home quickly, I’m waiting for you..abeg do fast, don’t take too much time”
“Mma, What happened? Why are you sounding so worried?”
“I’ll tell you when you get here” buki said before hanging up.
“You will not believe who I ran into at the mall today” bukola said, adjusting her jeans that was a tad too tight for her..
“Madam, u know I’m terrible at this guessing thing, just tell me and stop getting me all excited” Timi responded.
“Eyo!” Buki replied waiting for the weight of the name to sink in
“Which eyo?” Timi asked..praying silently that it’ll not be the Eyo who almost tore her family apart.
“Which other Eyo do you know that I know? Or abi you’re now doing things with Eyos?” Buki asked with an accusing finger.
“The same calabar fuck boy Eyo”
“What did he say? Did he ask of me?”
“Madam…so that’s the first thing that can come out of your mouth? If he asked of you? So you’re seriously worried about this boy?”
“But you know I loved him..he was my first”
“And your worst” Replied buki..very upset.
“Should I remind you that you almost died coz of that useless boy.. You parents suffered a real heart break…”
“You don’t have to always bring up the past all the time….he got me pregnant…yes..but that doesn’t make him a bad person” Timi replied while scrolling through her phone for a contact.
“…he denied the pregnancy..and took you for an abortion at a quack doctor because he was too stingy to take you to a real doctor.. That’s what makes him a bad person…and yes..the fact that he ran away and abandoned you at your gate to bleed to death…. So yes, pardon me for not being a big fan of his” replied buki all pissed and irritated that Timi could still care for that prick of a guy called Eyo.
She hated guys like Eyo..all sweet tongue and soft. They were just too calculating for her like. They knew what to say and when to say it, what to do and when to do it. They could melt a dragons heart. And she never particularly liked Eyo..he tried hitting on her just 2 weeks after him and Timi started dating. And of course she never told Timi, not that she’d even believe, she was too much in love with the guy.
To be Continued. 
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