Tales by Alice brings you another interesting series.  This one is Titled “Colours and Spices”. Have a good read!


Timi had seen him a couple times, but she didn’t know his name. She always had a strange feeling each time she saw him, blood shot up her spine and the hairs behind her neck stood in alert. He was always so handsomely dressed, he had that gentlemanly stride and beards like Idris Elba that always amazed her.
” madam, see your jollof rice… You sabi fall hand o… Just go and talk to him..say hi, you no go die, stand here dey do like mumu”  Bukola said to her.
She and bukola attended the same church with her “jollof rice”, a nickname Buki had given him since they didn’t know his name and of course she loved food.
He had sat behind her the previous Sunday and all through the service, Timi had sat so still all too aware of his eyes behind her back..
When the pastor had asked everyone to exchange greetings, her heart had almost escaped from her chest. Her body stiffened as she felt a tap on her shoulder and prayed that he wasn’t the one. Turning around, she faced the whitest set of teeth she had ever seen and the most gorgeous smile ever. ” good to have you in church today, you look beautiful” he said stretching his right hand for a handshake. She just stood there, stunned, and unable to utter a word. Bukola grabbed her hand and extended it to jollof rice, then turned her around and slowly eased her unto her sit..she was still frozen.
“Smooth, now he thinks you’re an idiot. Wet in dey do u sed?  Common to say hi, u turn to I tire for your matter o” buki whispered to her, a little annoyed that Timi had lost yet another opportunity to talk to the guy she’d been crushing on since November last year when his family moved into their street.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Mr Bayo the youth president had shared all the youths in church into groups for the youth convention. Thus year, the had decided to use tribes in Nigeria as the theme was “elevating our culture’.
*Babes, I just checked our names” buki said as she approached her at the media stand where she was buying a tape. For her dad. ” we’re in group 4, and that’s the Ijaw tribe, let’s go upstairs and meet our group members, I didn’t have time to check their names.
Just at the top of the flight of stairs, they heard a voice calling out for members of the ijaw tribe.
Timi halted immediately she heard the voice and made to go back down the stairs. Buki grabbed her r before she landed on the third stair.
“Mma, you’re not running away, this is destiny calling…try to reason like a human being for once” buki said while joining their hands together by the elbow, that way it was easy to drag her towards the room upstairs.
 “Babes, calm down na, I can’t go inside there.. What will I say when he talks to me?” Timi asked in a very nervous voice.
“You will smile your brightest smile, and answer the question. Show him that Maclean’s advert teeth of yours” replied buki in her confident and know it all voice.
“Ladies, you guys look bright and beautiful today. Bukola, this your forehead never goes down, always popping out of your head like antennae” Dike said walking up the stairs to where they stood.
Timi had resisted the urge to laugh, but this ongoing battle between Dike and Buki always made her laugh. And dike seemed to know the exact thing to say to Buki to rile her up.
“Very funny” said Buki
“Not today Satan, get out of the way before I kick your mouth” she spat out to Dike. She hated his guts and wished she had the courage to just give him a hot slap across his perfectly lined and handsome face.

To be Continued…..

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