Lol! This is about to get real. I don’t like kissing; i think its gross. Why? i don’t know. I don’t just like the act. For me to kiss you? I must “BE” insanely in-love with you. And that has happened just once in my entire adult life. { i mean, being insanely in-love with someone} Maybe i would kiss my husband. You know the whole French deep kiss and all. Maybe then, i wouldn’t have to be irritated by it. But right now? Kissing is gross! The whole tongue thing, Saliva and all. I don’t know where you mouth has been, don’t kiss me. Who the hell invented a kiss in the first place?  Who was the first person to think gnawing on another person’s mouth would be fun?. Now; don’t give me that look. I’m sexual, and feel like I have a normal sex drive, but I hate kissing.  There is nothing about it that is pleasant at all. ugh!. Well; Small peck kisses are great for me. That will do. Keep your tongues in your mouth.


You Might think am crazy. But research has proven that, not so many people like to kiss as you think.

In-fact: Researchers investigated about 168 different cultures engage in romantic lip locks—and they found that only 46 percent of those groups actually kiss. Seriously, that’s it. Interestingly, the geographic location of the each culture didn’t impact whether or not the people in that group got their smooch on. In fact, 45 percent of the North American cultures investigated didn’t kiss at all. But researchers did find that the more socially “complex” a society (groups like Americans and Chinese are considered socially complex), the more likely they were to partake in romantic lip locking. Some of the non-kissing cultures, even some small, egalitarian groups, said they see mouth play as unclean or just really freaking unpleasant.

Even though I believe i can get over most things in terms of sexual compatibility, it will be really difficult to overcome this! Do you know what a massive turnoff bad kissing is? especially when you get tongues involved. Yes, French kissing is sexy and intimate and can be such a turn on when done correctly. But to me; if am not into this person? the grossness becomes more apparent.

Now don’t get me wrong, French Kissing is still totally worth it. In my opinion the hotness it brings definitely outweighs the spit and all of that. Especially when you like the person a lot.

Meanwhile, research has also proven to me that; French kissing is basically a bacteria orgy in your mouth. In just 10 seconds of kissing there are about 80 million bacteria being swapped around there. Making it more gross, even though the vast majority of these are harmless. Either way, yuck.

And Yes! It’s not just me and am not crazy. A lot of people don’t like French kissing and I think that it’s because quite a few people out there are bad at it. There are people that dive their tongue around your mouth in a really aggressive way.


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