The internet has been on  fire after the news of the arrest of Popular Nigerian Barbey Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju  known as Bobrisky, broke out. Nigerians most definitely lost their chill pill on the subject matter and have turned the situation into a huge joke. Well, Bobrisky has his fans, but the haters override the number of fans he’s got. 

The news of his arrest broke out on the 5th {Sunday. With his Unfiltered, no wigs, or makeup pictures going viral on the internet. Even though the reason of his arrest is yet unknown, media houses and bloggers linked it to his recent Snap, where he came out as gay, plus his recent beef with Toyin Lawani: which he claims is behind his arrest. 

Meanwhile, The Lagos Police Force came out to deny the claims of Bob’s arrest. According to them: They are not behind the arrest. Which brings us to ask “WHO REALLY ARRESTED BOBRISKY”

Even though Bob has broke the silence,  According to him, Toyin Lawani, is behind his ordeal, while stating he was arrested after he refused to publicly apologize to Ms. Lawani, following their recent spat. He claimed the police petition was filed against him in Abuja and that is why he is being moved to the nation’s capital. He said, in the petition, Lawani claimed that he threatened her.

His PA and House servant Jacob, claims he was out of their resident, when The Police came to arrest his boss. He was out buying Coke and Groundnut he claims. But he was informed by neighbors and eye witnesses on how his boss was beaten and thrown over the gate, because he locked the gate, while he was out.[ We can’t relate, But that’s Jacob’s story]

Popular Gay Activist Bisi Alimi and a Lawyer Festus Keyamo, have come out to state that, Bobrisky can’t be arrested and detained because he claims he is gay. They tagged it Illegal and Unlawful. 

So, now that you get the gist, lets move on to the 50 comments on this matter that got us really cracked up. Some we can’t just deal with. 

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  1. 1. I dont have any regard or problem with whatever it is that he/she has don but my concern and curiosity is why is IT being referred to as He when IT has proclaimed IT self a she?πŸ˜•
  2.  Lol ! Please what happened to those wigs and make up , aww I thought he looked beautiful in them !!πŸ™€
  3.  lol…Bobrisky looking like pure water seller..eya. i hope he was arrested because he declared he was gay sha
  4.  Did anyone hear from Jacob pls,I hope Jacob is fine oo let keep praying for Jason 😊
  5.  He is going to be slaying hard in prison
  6.  They forgot to arrest his wig too he looks naked lmao
  7.  Please who photoshopped Bobo’s complexion out?? This is not our Bobrisky…. Bobrisky is white, no areas of hyperpigmentation. Our Bobrisky is always on fleek.. So, this cannot be Bobo!!!
  8.  Nigga u should take a picture or do a video for us nah…..whr is ur goatmeat sorry gateman sef…..heehehehee damn ur real hater just got to u now.
  9.  Okuneye Idris, was arrested, not bobrisky. all I see is a short ugly man before the police, with an ape-like skull structure. The police ripped bobrisky from okuneye, and arrested idris. So actually, bobristy snapchat filter is left behind, na d real Okuneye b this.
  10.  Wawuu… They did not allow him make up before arresting him… πŸ˜‚ he is looking like a masquerade without filters. Chai
  11.  I hope he went with his bleaching cream,all things being equal.
  12.  When I say Osheeey you say baddest…. Osheeey………!
    Bobrisky :Jacob what can u say to my Aters?
    Jacob : they don arrest my Oga… πŸ˜‚
  13.  Lol nija police HV no chil, so dey cudnt even wait for aunty Bob to wear wig and rob make-up? Dats soo unfair naw
  14.  he more you look, the less you see πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Filter don save many people on social media, boys and girls continue πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ So this is your real face Bob 😁😁😁 Biko come back and continue
  15.  Nigerian Police interrogation will always bring out the man in you. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁….he’s now looking like Daddy Freeze
  16.  I think he slept wit some1’s bae..and had the gut to make mouth about it..now he is in soup …oshey baddest,I laff in chinese haahaahaahaa..u for just no go d banana island o
  17.   Hahahahaha.. Get your Bae.. Let him bail you out, you can’t just be squirting for him and he can’t get you out of jail.. After all, what are baes for? πŸ˜‚ lol
    When I say Oshee, you say baddest!!! Lol
  18.  Bob the risky please I beg you in the name of what you worship, do not let yourself be arrested again.cant you see how ugly and unkept you were just for one day without your makeup?all your beards and hairstrainds were just popping up.Biko next time they want to arrest you kindly tell them to let you go along with your makeup kit.
  19.   I was making analysis last night and I made a huge discovery.

    Bobrisky can be used to boost Agriculture in Nigeria thereby reducing the rate of hunger. Instead of jailing him please let’s use him as a “scarecrow” to scare away animals that eat up farm crops! Or he can be burnt and used as manure to grow crops and enhance cultivation. Thankio

  20. Bob takes off wig as jungle don matured. Odikwa risky o
    Bobrisky grows beards under 16hrs, skin turning dark. Jacob, oya bring clipper and bleaching cream to cell
  21.   Been looking at this picture since yesterday , turning my phone upside down to get a clear view. But is this really Bobrisky cuz this person looks like someone that has not seen food to eat for a week.
  22.  Jaycup abi how you take dey call him will bring ewa agonyin for (water beans) no snapchat at least make we hear word those nonsense you always vomiting with that your wide mouth wey dick don enlarge finish I hope those policemen don give you that kind slap wey dey reset brain with their weed hand if am there I will give you a hot slap that even your ancestors will feel dizzy
  23.  Call Jacob to call Ur bae…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Jacob tell them what I want, my madam want big motorπŸ˜‚ if u say oshay tell the DPO to say baddest
  24.   Wen I say oshey u say baddest,OSHEY??? BADDEST!!!!!!! Enjoy dont worry bea is coming for ur rescue……..I wonder y u come black for police station……

    Hope say na for female prison u dey,abeg tell me where u keep d 40million make me and Jacob go collect am keep till u come out after 14years….

  25.   When I say oshey you say 14 years!!!… Jacob what message do you have for my haters!!!!

    Jacob : Please you people that my oga/madam know please help him o before things change I never chop since them arrest my oga/madam

  26.  The guy no fine at all, so all these he she beuty na make up. ..is well oh. ..look at human being just 2 days in detention, look at how he or she we I call this one na, anyway let’s see your 10days, and no how you are gonna look like. good luck.
  27.  There’s a real secret behind this bobrisky arrest…. maybe bobrisky bae is toyin lawani bae too…. but bobrisky has taken over toyin’s bae now she can’t hide it anymore informing the police so that bobrisky can stay away from her bae…. bobrisky don’t accept it o….. oshey badd
  28.  Point of Correction… β€œIt”…It threatened Her… When did β€œIt” become β€œHe”?
  29.  Chai they should allow him carry his bleaching cream with him oh before his skin starts getting discoloration. Chai ooooooo pls help
  30.  Jacob..yes oga..dem talk say police arrest us carry us go abuja….Oga na lie cos na only you..no b us
  31.  See Bob riskys legs o like roasted plantain
  32.   No matter how hard bobrisky trys to be beautifull and transform to a woman he will never see his monthly period. Abi na lie?
  33.  Chydo : Jaycup
    Jaycup : yes
    Chydo : I heard your “BUS” was arrested is it true?
    Jaycup : na lie, na lie, na lie
    Chydo : thank you Jaycup, you “EAD” him. Jaycup when I say oshey you say
    Jaycup: Baist, baist.
    Chydo : jaycup what do you’ve to say to all this your BUS “Aters”?
    Jaycup: make una leave my “BUS” alone, he cook good good food and I chop belle full! If police arrest am I no fit chop again.
    Chydo: oya jaycup you and your BUS should just come and be going.
    Police was just quite until he used his mouth to admit that he’s gay. Now his village people are fulfilled. Iberibe
  34. When I say 14 years, you say baddest!!!! When I say risky, u say baddest!!!

    He foolishly admitted to being gay. That is enough evidence.
    I don’t wanna hear dt his snap chat was hacked. #serveshimright

  35.   That akward moment When the wife prays for a girl and the husband pray for a boy and God finally decided to bless them with bobrisky. So no more argument.
  36.   When I say oshey you say 14 years!!!… Jacob what message do you have for my haters!!!!

    Jacob : Please you people that my oga/madam know please help him o before things change I never chop since them arrest my oga/madam

  37.   There’s a real secret behind this bobrisky arrest…. maybe bobrisky bae is toyin lawani bae too…. but bobrisky has taken over toyin’s bae now she can’t hide it anymore informing the police so that bobrisky can stay away from her bae…. bobrisky don’t accept it o….. oshey baddest!
  38.  No they will not collect your phone from you,they will allow you to snap chat or dance with Jacob at the police station…
  39.  Tell your bae to get you out, after all you can’t be squirting for him just like that. Bae is supposed to do something hahaaaaa. JACOBU!!!!! Your Oga needs you
  40.   Eyaaa! just a night in d police-cell & ur colour is already like a rainbow? lets wait for d 2nd & 3rd day before u finally find urself inside SULEJA PRISON.
  41.  Oh …Bob when I say oshe! You say Badsest !!!oshe 😧😧 I guess by now some smelling bae in cell 2 kirikiri will be waiting patiently to welcome you as the newest sexy baeπŸ˜‹πŸ€• so enjoy your time behind bar 14yrs not 14days …i laugh in Swahili.
  42. Abeg ooo am a bit confused here. There in detention which of the closet will bobrisky b using abi male or female πŸŒπŸ™†
  43. Bobrisky’s bae is working yo! Everybody is denying nd running away lol.. Shey bobrisky warned u pple abt his bae πŸ˜€
  44.  I had to zoom in the pic to have a clearer view at his inspired “burnt boli” feet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bobrisky ur own Don don….looking like a not too well seasoned jellof rice 😩😩
  45.  Na wah o.. Even the supposed toyin lawani that he is supposed to have an issue with, has been living like nothing is up between herself and Bobo.. Now I’m getting more confused.. Meanwhile his knuckles are very obvious even in the blurry pictures πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  46.  He is a real man oh. He has been deceiving us. I hate oppression
  47. Who kidnapped Bobrisky ? 😹😹😹aiye le ooooo , ibosi o
  48.  Bobrisky was probably arrested by somewhere else, but Idris was arrested by Nigerian police. Perhaps you guys should ask for the whereabout of idris not bobrisky. Cos as far as I’m concerned, he should remain wherever they kept him. 
  49.  The question now is where is bobrisky ? Abi he is somewhere squirting for bae πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
  50.  Lol the person sitting there is Idris Okuneye not Bobrisky 😁 see how suddenly his masculine side returned ,police station no be better place to go

Nigerians are feeling good over his arrest? What do you think?


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