Some may feel being short and petite is a huge disadvantage . But do you know what i think? I think short girls are the cutest.

That’s not the point of this post though. Am here to bless you short cute girls with tips that will make you appear taller. Hey, am not talking about the ‘get your heels on” tip. its more.

Your clothing also determines how tall or how short you’d appear. So bring out your writing pads and take notes.

  • Go on high waisted skirt, shorts, or pants the make you look taller. you  can try tucking a blouse or shirt completely or just the front and have the shirt hanging in the back 
  •  Try wearing a long skirt or gown with a slit . this slits creates an impression of having  long legs. The slit can be in front or by the side. I prefer the side though
  • wear vertical stripped outfits.vertical stripped outfits are the best -gowns, pants, skirt, shorts. This makes you look taller. vertical stripped maxi dress ( that is about your ankle level) is just perfect. I just love it.    
  • Your trouser and jean should be straight cut and skinny
Which ever you chose to rock at anytime remember being beautiful is not all about looking tall, you are beautiful just the way you are.  Tall girls are not left out in trying some of this tips.

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