Ayade Care is all about delivering Inclusive and Qualitative Healthcare for Cross River State Citizens and Residents.   

“In the new Cross River of our DREAM, there is a place and hope for everyone. There will be jobs for the youth and prosperity for the working class. The resurgent middle class shall find anchor for their roots and everyone shall find independence and pride in their work. The wages of honest labour shall liberate families from the jaws of hardship and no child shall go to bed with an empty stomach. Neither shall any mother be depressed by lack of access to Medicare for her children and loved ones. Brothers and sisters, this is our DREAM! “

Those were the words of His Excellency, Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade, the Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria when he was inaugurated on 29th of May, 2015 at the prestigious Calabar International Convention Centre located at the Summit Hills, Calabar, the State Capital.

For the thousands of people present in the expansive auditorium  and many more watching the event on life television, those words sounded utopian and where considered as the usual political rhetoric which has become the norm in our clime in the past few decades.                        

But for governor Ayade the prouncement was a commitment to a cause that was not only noble but of utmost importance to the  state and its people. This was the foundation of the birth of Ayade Care.

Ayade Care is the acronym for the Health Insurance Scheme  established in Cross River State. It is one of the first State Health Insurance Schemes in Nigeria, backed by law and is becoming a model for many states in Nigeria.

The Bill for the establishment of the Cross River State Health Insurance Scheme was signed into law by the governor of Cross River State Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade in September 2016.

The law also established the Cross River State Health Insurance Agency which is tasked with the responsibility of effectively managing the scheme and the funds available.

When implemented fully, Cross Riverians and others resident in the state aged 18 and above will be required to pay a minimum of 1,000 Naira monthly with an option of paying more if the individual so desires and by so doing have access to inclusive and quality Healthcare Delivery in the state.

Globally, health insurance schemes  are conceived to attract more resources to the health care sector and improve the level of access and utilization of healthcare services.

There are two different forms of health insurance schemes which are the social health insurance and the private health insurance. Ayade Care is a social health insurance scheme and is modeled after global models to ensure effective service delivery.

Ayade Care  will ensure that the dream that no “mother is depressed by lack of access to Medicare for her children and loved ones” is brought to fruition by the Sen. Ben Ayade Administration.

“Health is wealth” the saying goes and thus by ensuring that our citizens and Residents live in health, we will be creating wealth for our state through productive human capital.

With the Ayade Administration not resting on its oars in developing the health sector in the state, in no distant time, citizens and Residents alike will be enjoying the best quality Healthcare Delivery across the state at almost no cost.

The state government is presently building a Pharmaceuticals company called Calapharm and a world Class Specialist Hospital at the Ayade Industrial Boulevard.

These two are expected to play key roles in healthcare service delivery in Ayade Care in the state. Of course the role of quality and accessible drugs cannot be overestimated in the scheme.

Calapharm when completed will produce quality over the counter drug and other requirements for supply to all health facilities across the state. The specialist hospital will serve as a referral hospital to the primary and secondary health facilities in the state.

All these are  evidence of the commitment of the governor Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade to ensure all citizens and Residents have access to quality health care no matter their status in life as he is passionate about all the people he has under his leadership.

Ayade Care is well conceived and all is being done to ensure it becomes functional within the shortest possible time. All citizens and Residents are expected to key into this wonderful initiative and ensure they are covered by the insurance in order to enjoy the benefits which are enormous.

This is what will bring joy and fulfillment to the governor  Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade; to see the people live a healthy productive life which is part of the vision of Cross River State.

Written By Emmanuel Etim  (SSA to Governor of Cross River State Sen. Prof Benedict Ayade.) 

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