I’ve been here for over 5 months.. And I haven’t had a really good meal…
When I say “really good Meal” I mean correct Eba and soup…common, I’m my mother’s daughter..I’m an ugep girl.. Plus I like really, really good food…

I’ve been subjected to eat rice..potatoes.. Beans…repeatedly..coz I don’t trust these Hausa people.. They can use 20 seasoning cubes for one pot of food.. And that’s just me being subtle. I mean, they like Maggi to be precise..less pepper and no salt.

The first week I came to this city, I literally threw up each time I ate..or never even made it to the second spoon.. I mean..their love for Maggi is something else..they should become brand ambassadors.

And no..let’s not talk about their soups..ranging from black..to white..to colors I don’t even understand….and no..I do not enjoy tuwo…its soft..like…OK..let’s leave the comparison..we’re talking about food. But I like it firm..like Eba…or fufu…there’s no way I’m dipping my hand into water countless times coz I’m eating something sticky and soft..no way!

So..luck shined on me yesterday…

There’s this guy in my CDs group…he owns a shop in the market close to some calabar women. I told him sometime ago, that if they ever get afang leaves..he should let me know.

I got his call yesterday.. And the speed with which I got to the market I’m definitely sure is faster than that of light…lol

I buy my fresh afang leaves..my water leaves..my canda or ikpa as most people call it..My stockfish, my goat meat..and then miraculously..one lady had mfi..that’s periwinkle in English language. But she doesn’t know how to cut it…so I go go the butcher coz I don’t own a machete..and I ask him to help cut it…

He had no idea what it was..so I asked for his machete and his apron…and I set to work..
All the inquisitive minds kept asking..
“What is that?
” what is it for?
“How do you eat it?
” where is it gotten from?
All these questions in Hausa..
And yes….nothing gives me delight than answering questions from strangers.

I became a mini “celeb” at the market.

I get home…I start to cook…again inquisitive minds start trooping into my room.. With the same question.
Everyone so eager to see how the “famous Afang soup” is been prepared..and how it tastes.
And of course..the soup was really rich.

I ended up feeding thirteen people plus myself.
Everyone is sweating and smiling..and belle-full.

I’m a Calabar girl… I like to cook..and I like to feed people.

Plus..I’m still receiving compliments and money offers to cook for everyone….
My celeb feeling is still on..and everyone cuts cap for “Calabar” girls

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