What I said to myself 05 October 2017…..08:15pm.

The only memories that matter to me are my immediate past ones.
 I don’t mean my entire past life and experiences, they do me no good.
My immediate past decisions,memories and experiences. Yes, the ones that are two (2) months old.
What I did to make my life better, the decisions I took that changed me then. It’s  not okay to rely on those memories totally  because I’m dynamic, I change with the weather but I mean It’s all in my head and you certainly can’t tell me what to do because I made those decisions and implemented those actions and they worked for me.

I remember when  I said I was going to do more sit ups adding to the the 50 I did daily and I got nicer abs in few weeks; recently I thought of it and realized it would do more good if I start the routine again since it worked really fast and well the last time. That’s just how picking up and adding to your recent routines, past life changing decisions,memories and experiences  work.
It’s more like a continuation of what you stopped doing. You’d find out you were a whole lot of real with yourself.

Since I enjoyed my past experiences, why do you say to me not to rely on the past? Why’s the past being treated with such disdain? What can’t i be proud of?
I’d rather not fight my past. I accept my entire  existence.
Our immediate  pasts vary,others could be decisions made a year ago depending on how dynamic they are and how easily or otherwise decisions affect each person.
I’ve taken a stance to recall my successes instead of my failures;self control must occur.

Ps:do you believe decisions  land you where you are right now? If you don’t,  then I don’t.

I’m going to leave all negativities behind, I don’t care abtout the mistakes  I’ve made.
I’m so indifferent  about the effects or consequences(like you might call it).
   Decide today…
Pick up decisions from your immediate past and enhance your life. A little past does not hurt a fly because we are still humans. DON’T BE SCARED.

💥💥🌠ADVICE ALARM✴⛥#thisisourreligion⛥ ☢☢⛅🌠
• Please!! do not make rash decisions when you’re not happy with your life. You might be unhappy due to a bad occurrence or statements [by you or others] which reminds you of how you ‘suck’ at a thing ….example ‘how bad you are in relationships and why you couldn’t handle anyone of then’;How uncontrollably you flirt;how low you’re treated even after being nice;the negative effects of the few bad decisions you’ve made….some crazy actions might be blocking people off your BBM, pushing people away in split seconds,deleting all your contacts ,trying to become feisty…STOP BEING SO IMPULSIVE!! 😭😲😬😬

    • “smiles” my ADVISE therefore               (even when you”re guilty of this) :BE               CALM;they are negativities. My attitude           is positive, what’s Yours?

REALITY REMINDER 💫💫…….Negativity  as a feeling isn’t an offence,but you gotta stay strong,fight and leave it’s shackles.

Hollupp….what did I just bump into? The Sadist  joykiller who’s always cynical about your decisions, twerking on camera?
Do not let anyone steal your joy hunny. Nobody is as perfect as you are.
Next edition  is on VIBEKILLERS. I won’t miss reading this if I were you. XoXo

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