I always boast of being one of the happiest people on earth. I don’t have everything but I have identified a few things that are guaranteed to take away your happiness:

1. Worry: There are so many problems on earth. If you get to worry about 1% of them you will run mental or at least live an unhappy life. Choose your worry wisely  to stay happy. Imagine me worrying about who wins the next champions league. I don’t even watch that shit!

2.  Children : Children are the source of true happiness but as time goes on they become a major source of your worries. There are a lot of things to be worried about your kids at different stages in life from staying up by 3am to why they are not married. You should definitely have kids though. It’s like sex,  pleasure in pain.

3. Not having a life plan: When you don’t have a concrete plan for your life, you will stay unhappy. You might argue that you know people that have no future staying happy but I assure you they are not.

4. Poverty: Poverty is not a bad thing. There are many advantages of being poor cos the rich worry a lot too. But not being able to afford what you want can give you sleepless nights and I want to sleep at night.

5. Loosing a good friend: I realise the pain of loosing a good friend or lover to death, marriage or to another person can linger on all your life. I have however trained myself to forget people fast through a secret technique.

6. Marriage: The level of unhappiness in marriages have continued to increase all over the world. Even the happy marriages require so much sacrifice that can on its own bring you a lower level of unhappiness. I think the worst problem you can have in life is wife/husband problems. Especially when you don’t trust each other. I’ve seen many happy marriages though and I’ll try to ensure mine is one of them.

7. Low self esteem: This can bring you unhappiness your whole life. Do you feel you are never good enough? Do you feel you are not cute enough? Do you talk down yourself? Do you think little of you? Inbox me let’s talk cos you need to bring the best in you to the surface quick.

8. Procrastination : This thing almost killed me and I’m really doing well overcoming it. Do it now and just get over with it.

9. Having no friends: I’ve heard people say … “I don’t have friends and and I’m happy”. I don’t believe that crap. No one can truly be happy without friends. Those who say so are social virgins and have not yet felt the joy of true friendship. That’s why they think they are happy alone.

10. Not going through the stages of life: You had no childhood, you were not allowed to date until marriage? You did not play mortal kombat on Sega? Had to take up motherhood responsibilities at 16? Finally became rich at 75? I feel your struggle.

At the end happiness has no specific definition so just do whatever makes you feel like it’s your birthday. Leave no cause for regrets though. We cannot avoid all the points above but we can choose our struggle and manage them in a way that would not deprive us of our happiness!

Article written by Idy.

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