Top 10 Celebrity MAKE-UP Artiste | MUA’S You Should Totally Follow On Instagram



Most people say:  Makeup’s are deceitful;
 But I say – “Makeups” are a girls best friend.
Life feels better when you have a flawless facebeat.  ( Please someone tell me,  am not alone on this).
Despite the fact that I love a perfect face beat,  am terrible at doing my makeup.  So I just chill and crush on those Insta Slay queens, that always have their makeup on fleek.
Oh, wait!  That’s not the point of this post…😁
We are taking a look at 10 professional Makeup Artiste’s who have mastered the art of Facial Glam and have successfully launched a resourceful career in the beauty industry.
Yes:  we know….  Some of you would love to know how to get that flawless look on your own. So, we’ll also be listing those Make Artiste who randomly drop some major tips and tutorials; and we think you should totally follow them on Instagram to step up your makeup game.
Here are our top 10 Celebrity Makeup Artiste who are big beauty shots and have never failed to give our Top celebrities the  perfect look for all Events.
1:  Anita Brows
2:  Bibiyonce
3:  Bm|Pro
4:  Doranne Beauty
5:  Oshewa Beauty
6; Bare to Beauty
7: Iposh Looks
8:  Flawless Faces By Jane
9:  Eeswat Beauty
10:  Radius By Eve
We also had random picks of Makeup Artiste who are masters of their own. And we think you should totally keep up with them on Instagram.
1; @sosoph24
2: @mzl4wson
4:  @joeys Galleria
5:  @tropbelle_makeup

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