Mo Abudu is a year older today and of course social media is buzzing with Well wishes to the super media woman.
One of the well wishing post that caught our attention was that of Award winning Photographer TY Bello.
Below is what she wrote alongside some shots of the Birthday Woman,  Obviously taken by her. 
“MO ABUDU: SUPER WOMAN ( THE REAL ONE) I photographed @moabudu for the first time almost 15 years ago .. a corporate guru and head of Vic Lawrence and associates at the time .. We got along really well and got to photograph her many more times after that .. what I remember most was her excitement about the future and the very unconventional dreams she had ..the matter-of – fact way she spoke of the .. (at the time .. )almost unrealistic moves she planned to make .
TY.. I’m starting a TV Show o.. it’s going to be called Moments With Mo.. in no time the show began and I remember visiting her on set at City mall( yes.. aunty Mo Abudu built a grand set right there..) and I watched her .. lead .. learn and push like she’s always been in media . I saw her take on impossible project after impossible project .. after impossible project .. Pulling together the right production team and running this machine till she perfected it .. then on to the next one ….
TY .. I’m setting up a TV station o.. it’s going to be called @ebonylifetv .. and again .. leading .. learning .. pushing like .. she’s done it before …
TY … I’m making a movie o.. it going to be called the wedding party .. done!TY you should come on set.. I’m making another movie .. it’s going to be called ‘ the royal Hibiscus hotel … I get on set and I’m thinking .. how does she do this .. them She announces .. again! .. TY .. im making another movie ooo..I’ve never seen this woman stop.
I got to photograph her recently and she announced ..yet again.. TY .. I’m off to film school next week ..and then I’m following this woman on Instagram ..with her all nigerian cast at the Toronto film festival.. we spoke and she was so excited .They loved it TY…. they loved this simple Nigerian love story ..and ( guess again.. she makes yet another announcement : I’m making another Movie TY.. I’m sitting here in Toronto working it out in my head .. How does she do this? … she’s going to keep us asking .. it’s clear .. she’s going to simply just be super woman( the real one) over and over again. Happy birthday aunty Mo.”
Meanwhile, as we celebrate Mo Abudu today,  let’s take a look at her Top 10 Business Quotes that have inspired us a great deal.
1; Tenacity is getting back up and fighting, for what you want over and over again. Giving up is never an option.

2: A positive outlook on life is vital to business, challenges can be transformed into opportunities with the right frame of mind.

3: Success is a function of persistence and doggedness, never ever take no for answer, keep pushing until you get results.

4: The Key to success is being absolutely consistent, over a prolonged period of time.

5: Achievements are to be celebrated, big of small, it motivates your team to continue delivering good work.

6: One of the major keys to success, is to keep moving forward on the journey. because success if a journey not a destination. 

7: Don’t fight growth, be the growth. Explore new opportunities.

8: Your health is priority, good health equates sound mind, sound mind equates brilliant ideas, and brilliant ideas equates successful business. 

9: Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, respect your competitors but never fear them.

10: Prayer is a key element to achieving success, God can take you where you want to go and where you need to be. 

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