Chidinma Udeh is the voice behind the Late Mornings with Ima Brand on Cross River’s State First Urban Radio Station – HIT FM (95.9). An OAP extraordinaire, Subtle Writer, a music/dance lover. Queen Ima who is all set to dominate the media world talks about her love for radio, the challenges she faced as a fresh OAP, her love life and more.

Chidinma Udeh

G.N – Hi Ima!

IMA – I am so honored that you have shown interest in the brand “The Queen Ima” of the #LateMorningsWithIma.

G.N: What led you to a career in Broadcasting? 

IMA – Radio was not something that was planned actually. I was studying Mass Communications in college to be a Public Relations expert but an incident came up during my internship with the Voice Of Nigeria, Lagos where I was opportune to be placed on a talk show. It turned out quite well and I sorta developed a love for it.
And why Radio? Radio to me right now is life. Music and talk is the blood that flows in the life of Radio. I eat, sleep, dream and “procreate” Radio.

G.N:  what’s your favorite part of being an OAP? 

IMA –  Omg, where do I even start?! Okay, most importantly, I love the fact that I am a voice: speaking to many people at the same time. It gives me a buzz every time.

b; Tell us about your first day on air. 

IMA – Okay, going back: it was the unexpected radio show I was placed on that started it all. See, the usual intern did not make it to work that day and I was asked to fill in. I had never done radio before then and I made it clear to the presenter and studio manager. However, by the time we were done with the show, I remember shocked looks from both the studio manager and people around me (also a handshake from the studio manager). I remember the studio manager saying: and I quote, “Are you sure you have not done radio before”…… Believe me though, it was a really shaky experience but as soon as the green light came on, I felt at home….weirdly…

G.N:  Any favorite hobby outside radio? 

IMA –  Dancing. I use to be in a dance crew in school and I would love to do it again though. I have been searching for a good dance crew to join here in Calabar.

G.N:  what’s the one thing that has held you constant through out your career? 

 IMA – Let’s say two things…The passion for the job and my love for music. Music has been a source of joy to me since childhood, all thanks to my mum. 

G.N: Do female OAP’s have an edge over their male counterparts? 

IMA –  Well, I cannot say an edge but we do have an advantage most times. However, I hate the assumption that female OAPs are sexually loose and wild. I have bashed a lot of perverts in this industry and I am quite sure that I will still have to face more.

G.N: How would you rate OAP’s in the South South? 

IMA –  I am impressed to be honest. Having lived my whole life in Lagos,(that is apart from the time I left for the University in Nsukka, Enugu State.), I expected less from them really. I remember coming here and being totally amazed by the style of presenting! I even got to meet some media personalities who if I might add, can comfortably compete with big names in the Radio industry.

G.N:  As a child,  what exactly was your dream career?  

IMA –  Pediatrics. I love children and I wanted to be a child doctor so bad. Luckily, Chemistry chased me away.. Hahaha!

G.N:  Ever been embarrassed on air? 

IMA –  Countless times… Take it from me, you learn everyday and sometimes, unexpected things happen. 

G.N:  Will Love or Marriage ever make you quit your job as an OAP? 

  IMA – Why do I feel like my mother put you up to this?? Lol! But yes, love and marriage can make me quit. However, my husband and I will have to come to some sort of understanding which is why I would want to marry my best friend.

G.N: What were the challenges you faced as a fresh OAP? 

  IMA – Nobody wants you to be bigger or better than them. I met a lot of stiff oppositions on the way and I had to get through an uncomfortable phase of working without a single pay for a really long time. However, I can never forget Bigtyme, Arthur Ngwube, Raezy, Omaliicha, Phoenix and the crew at Rythmn FM, Lagos! Those guys made my internship year awesome. I learnt a lot and achieved a lot under their supervision.

Additionally, radio is an ever growing industry and one who claims to be serious about being in this industry has to grow with it. Radio presenters are the biggest multi-taskers that I know. I mean, you are selecting music, carrying out research, working on social media. etc while talking to different people at the same time.

Therefore, I am not a fan of people who shy away from the real work but are ready to go around with the word “OAP” attached to their name. It irritates me because it not only abuses the job but it also insults those who actually work hard in the industry.

Now let’s get up close and personal with the Queen of the Airwaves! 

A;  State of origin

     IMA – Anambra State..

B; Any Life Regrets?

   IMA –  hmmm……. can I take a rain check??

C; Single or hooked? 

    IMA – Well, I am not married so …. (awkward cough)

D; Describe yourself with one word. 

     I am an ambivert.

E; Your Celebrity crush. 

   IMA –  Oprah Winfrey! 

F; Music or movies? 

   IMA – Chai…Tough choice… I will go with music.

G; Most Used word. 

    IMA – Apparently… ask my listeners… lol!

H; Colour of tooth brush.  

    Purple. I am a die-hard lover of the colour; Purple.
IMA – Thank you so much for having me!


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