It’s obvious that the dreadlocks days are here again.We see the looks rocked by both male and female. And you’d agree with me, that this trending hairstyle has a way of making you look fab with low rate of bad hair days, because you could easily style it or scarf it fashionably.

Growing dreads isn’t magical, it requires a lot of time, resources and of-course patience. Nothing beats the classic, culture-rich appearance of dreadlocks.If you’re looking to sport this hairstyle,we would be giving you some tips on how to grow and maintain the dread look.

Methods Of Making Dreadlocks

 Its widely believed that if you restrain from combing or brushing your hair for a period of time, your hair will be locked but this form of dread is called free form.

There are variety of other starter methods, which are referred to as manicured or salon dreadlocks.

Most people have classified dread into natural and non natural methods where the natural methods involve two kinds – restraining from combing or brushing your hair and allowing it to grow (most times based on religious beliefs) while the the other involves non-chemical processed dreads.

The second type of natural are those dreads that came to be without the use of any chemical process. You can wash them, cut them, comb them, rip them, tie them, but there form back naturally.

The salon or manicured dreadlocks can be formed by styling the loose hair into braids, coils, twist or using dread perming.

Taking Care Of Dreads

To help your dreads grow faster and to tighten the roots, proper nutrition is important.

1; Wash your dread regularly – Dreadlocked hair needs to be washed regularly just like un-dreaded hair. You can wash dreads just as you would wash a sponge, by working the soap in and then squeezing and rinsing repeatedly to get all the soap out. Clean hair will actually lock up faster than dirty or oily hair.

2; Palm rolling your dread is very important. Start at the root and briskly roll your dread between your palms to the end.

3; Dry your dread properly to avoid smelly dread. Don’t tie up your wet dreads or pile in a hat. Air properly

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