This week on Blue Balls 


Kenneth froze at the sound of the voice on the other end of the line.
He could recognize that voice even in his sleep.

The events of five years ago came playing back in his head.

He had just started lusting after Kadinma’s body..but she was giving him a tough time.
He had told his best friend Dave about it.
But being birds of the same black feather, Dave had turned around and started sleeping with Kadinma.
Promising her heaven on earth.
Kenneth had been furious when he found out.
He had paid the room service boy enough money to plant a camera in the room Dave and Kadinma used for their sex-escapades.
He had shown this tape to save’s newly married bride..and she left him with their 3 months old baby boy.

Dave was consumed with so much rage and didn’t notice when he fell into Kadinma’s evil ploy.

Kenneth said in the most calm voice possible…
“What do you want?”

“My pound of flesh”
Dave replied…laughed hysterically and ended the call.

12:30 pm..
Linda picked up her phone…
Scrolled to a contact and dialed.

Said a very melodious voice.
“Hi dad”
She replied..
“How’s mum?”

“She’s still giddy after eating so much cake from the resort’s bakery.
Thank you for sending us to this resort…your mum is so happy”

She smiled..and ended the call.
Glad that her parents were away and enjoying the weekend.

Finally…the world was hers.

1:30 pm…
Linda set out for her home with Lilian…

She had long filled for divorce…had the papers in her hands.
Based on the issue of infidelity…the lawyer had told her that she was going to get majority of Kenneth’s properties.

That should have been enough for her..but no!
She wanted Kenneth to pay for his sins..
Suffer deeply..the way she had suffered in silence from the time she found out about them.

She didn’t really care much for Kadinma…They never did get along well as kids.
She only cajoled her into visiting just for this mission.
And of course, she was getting what was coming to her.

In a matter of hours, she’d be filming her own ‘X’ rated clip.
And she couldn’t wait. She had so much in store for them.

She had sent Dave over as a decoy…They wouldn’t even see her coming..
She planned to wreck Kenneth’s life. She was going to get every pin he owned…And more.
The video clip was going to make sure of it.

Karma…was truly a bitch…

Kenneth had been pacing from one end of the room to another when Kadinma walked in..with Dave in tow..a gun in his left hand..and a smile on his lips.

“Hello buddy‎…Happy to see me?”
He asked..still smiling.

“I’ve thought about you..all those years in my lonely cell….both of you.
This isn’t the reception I thought I’d get…But I’ll have to mange it.”

Kenneth took a step and earned himself a hard blow on the stomach.
Dave had deliberately gone for the stomach…Lilian had warned..she didn’t want any blood on their faces.

“On your knees”
He barked.

“Kenny my boy…You’d do me a favour buddy… take off her clothes..every piece….
The fun had just began!!!

Join us again,  next week. For another exciting episode of blue balls.  

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