Chelsea take another dig at Diego Costa after the club management ordered his Range Rover to be moved to the reserve team’s car park



It seems the battle for supremacy between Chelsea FC and their striker Diego Costa will not end soon after his car was ordered by the club’s management to be moved to the reserve team’s parking lot. Costa has been in battle with the team after he was told he was longer needed by the manager Antonio Conte via a text message which sparked outrage but the Italian manager later issued an apology but is not willing to take Costa back as his mind is made up about the player.

The Brazilian born has been AWOL since the pre season seeing him as a rebel after he accused the club of blocking his move to Athletico Madrid but the Spanish club are on UEFA sanction for breaking the FFP rule which has seen them not do business this transfer window. The player keeps mocking the club in social media and claiming he was being treated like a crimnal in an interview done a few weeks back which made him decide on the move.

The premier league champions has fined the player 2weeks wages amounting to 300k pounds but that didn’t deter him from ignoring them. He moved from his Surrey home about 2weeks ago as he traveled back to his home town in Brazil. Also he recently deleted his Instagram account so the club won’t have eyes or keep tabs on him.

The Spanish International won the league with Chelsea 2 times in 3 seasons . So far he has been Chelsea highest goal scorer in all competitions since he arrived at the London club. His team mate Eden Hazard wants him back,as he believes Costa and the club can iron out their differences without him leaving.

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