It is the Latin adage that says, vox populis vox dei-the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Convinced of this wise saying, the youths of Ogoja met with their chairmanship aspirant, Mr Ibol Sunday Itomishor, together with him were super stake holders of Ogoja most notable – The immediate past Secretary of Ogoja Local Government Council, Hon. Jimmie Aninege.

In his opening speech, the converner of the meeting Comr Ilefa Justin Ishorji, thanked everybody for responding to the invitation, while appreciating the servant leader Mr Itomishor and his entourage for the show of commitment and called on everyone to support Itomishor and all those who seek to better the lives of their people. In the same vein, the director of contacts and mobilization of National Democratic Youths Alliance for Good Governance CRS, chaptet Comr Obi Hurbert, spoke on the need for Ogoja leaders to think about the youths in serious ways. Ilefa Peter Ikpen, the Editor of National Democratic Youth Alliance News watch and the manager of NDYAGG media forum, also admonished the Ogoja leaders to carry themselves becomingly and give the youths a course to trust them with their lives, he also drumed great support for Itomishor
In their diverse opinions, the various youths in attendance, admonished the chairmanship aspirant to keep faith and be sure of their support, while reminding him, that the youths must not be left out in the scheme of affairs if eventually given the mantle of authority to shepherd the good people of Ogoja.
In a sharp response, Mr Itomishor promised his very best to make Ogoja great again. I will promote morals, entreprenueral skill, education, youths participation, assistance to the unemployable, job creation for the employable, Agricultural soft loans for the youths and the age, open door policies and affirmative action he added.
In what we may call a resume, the immediate past secretary of Ogoja Local Government Council Mr. Jimmie, advised the youths on the best part to follow, while building trust and confidence in each other. He like the chairman, promised to make sure, the Ogoja youths are reposition for a better Ogoja and Cross River State at large.
It was a meeting of hope and relief.
The height of it, was the confirmation of Mr. Sunday Itomishor Ibol as the candidate of Concern Ogoja Youths, Mbube Youths forum, Ekajuk Youths coalision for good governance, Ibil Youths advocacy for Itomishor, and Abakpa Youths Alliance for Itomishor.
The meeting came to an end, with a group photograph to keep memories alive.

Sign……Peter Ikpen Ilefa
for Concern Youths of Ogoja

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