Glance – Top 5 Battle Performance on The Voice Nigeria



The voice Nigeria is currently the most talked about show,  with talented singers who keep wow’ing is with their voices as they compete for the grand price.

Last week, on the show; The Battle performance came to end with Talents moving on to the Live Show,  Some left the show,  and others stolen.

Today,  the contestants who made it to the Live show will be competing for the grand price.

The Live show will be airing on DSTV by 7pm,  with IK Osakioduwa and Stephanie Coker as HOST.

As we get our minds ready to be blown away,  let’s take a look at our top 5 battle performances.

For us,  Team Pato and Team Yemi got the best performance.

5; Ifeoma & Olla of Team Yemi
4; Tori & Oge of Team Pato
3; Eseqlic & Voke of Team Yemi
2; Yinka & Bunmi of Team Yemi
1; Syemca & Afolayan of Team Pato

Here are the Lucky 32 Contestants that made it to the Live Show.

* Afolayan * Daniel * Hightee * Annie C * Voke * Ebube * Yimika * Kessy Driz

* Bunmi * Chris Rio * Ifeoma * jahnomso * Syemca * Majeeka * Wilson * Oge

* Amarachi * Bada * Victor * Idyl * Jahtell * Wole * Kendriss * Precious

* Shapers * Wow * Arewa * Efezino * Favour * Obichi * Glowire * J’dess

#Teamwaje contestants have some funny and weird  names though.

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