Meet Moyioluwa Oluwaseun – A 6 years old, Award Winning Photographer



When I came across this story, I was like “WOW”. This 6 years old girl has inspired me and got me asking myself deep questions. 
Lets read more about her. 
Moyinoluwa Oluwaseun, is a 6 year old professional photographer. With “Ariyike” as her brand name. 
In an interview for Guardian, the young photographer disclosed that her passion for photography grew when she was a year old and when she was 3-year-old, her grandmother gave her a camera.
In her words: “My love for photography started when I was about a year old. I was told I used to have a toy camera, which I got so used to and I take it everywhere I go. When I was about three years old, my grandmother, who who is also a photographer, gave me her old camera, which became my best companion then. I still have the camera. It’s specially kept in my room. It started as a hobby and a passion, but grew into business. It is a family tradition; I am the 3rd generation on the line.”
She went further to reveal that her first professional camera was a gift from her dad at the age of five.
In her words: I have had some trainings and supports from a lot of photographers. First among them is my dad, the creative director of Mo Photography. I also had several opportunities to learn from other great photographers like Fototide, Oyerounkeh Foto, Omotgraffix, Bami Ligali and Chazi Photograffy. I am currently undergoing extensive training under Buckles Memoirs, a kiddies photography company. 
Moyinoluwa Oluwaseun was recognized as an Amazon On Children’s Day, May 27, at the Amazing Amazon Initiative Greatness Award. 
Oluwaseun has a dream that one day she would build a world-class photography studio with her 4-year-old sister and also hopes to start her fashion line too.

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