The word Fornication is one of the least mentioned words on earth. Our wealth preaching pastors say very little about it. Instead it has been replaced by less dangerous words like Casual sex, straff, bang or as my sinful friend JC Jhokes calls it,  oil.

Sex amongst unmarried people is so rampant in our generation that the married folks feel cheated. I mean today girls are so cheap,  you could afford a threesome, better still an orgy. The only ticket for sex was marriage but now, any reason like,  she is hot or even see gobe is fine. It becomes as normal as marriage when we start dating. I mean can you show me two persons in a romantic relationship now having sex?

Like IS IT EVEN HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO DATE SOMEONE FOR OVER THREE MONTHS WITHOUT FORNICATING??? Maybe in the previous century but now it seems totally unattainable. How dare you withhold your body from your partner? The relationship is over. Even if you try. With the double supply of hormones modern humans are secreting, can hold back for how long?
The Bible says it’s a forbidden act so who made it so cool. I mean if a girl visits you and you don’t bang you will be booed by all your friends. Even the girl might be disappointed. It’s justification that you are a real man!

So how did we get here?  Let’s take a few steps backwards.

1. MOVIES: I never knew anything like sex until we got our first cable TV. Almost every movie had a sex scene but the problem was how easy it was to get sex in the films. No one wears condoms, girls are never on their periods etc. It’s always a meet and hit situation. Hero rescues girl, then she falls in love with him and bang! Do you also notice that married couples never have sex in movies. Why?

2. Porn : The emergence of Porn changed everything. 30% of all Internet use is Porn. Back then you would have to enter stealth mode to watch it now you can steam it directly from the Internet for free. This made sex so adventurous and everybody want to try new tins. There are so many different forms of sex now is like taekwando. 14 year old watch this.

3. GIRLS: We need to tone down this our fashion.  Girls are not helping matters.  The temptation is too  much.

Everything we see or do is inspired by sex  from the billboards to the club dance which is obviously inspired by the famous doggy. Now looking attractive means looking SEXy. A covered up girl today will die a lonely virgin. Fashion says cleavage is a must show. Photographers make nudity so normal. Our carnivals, reality shows, diction and vocabulary everything now has a sexual tone to it. Even married men go after small chics.

Ahh! God  please. Even with serious threat like HIV. Now we go round distributing condoms for free. Pastor what is the way out? How do we do? So many questions. What do we do with unwanted pregnancies when it happens. Pastor oh!

I BLAME THE BIBLE: The Bible does not give adequate guidance. We know about Adam and eve but how did they meet? Abraham and Sarah, super couples but no story on their courtship . Jesus did not date too. No biblical examples to follow. The few we have are bad examples.  David killing someone husband to collect, Sampson hooking up with a woman that destroys him, Solomon with 300 side chics, Ruth being selected like fish etc. So where do we get guidance? Even our parents think it’s okay now. How do we date without committing one of God’s most forbidden acts?


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