Gov. Ben Ayade should be called to Order – Crossriverians react to the New Cross River State Logo and Branding.



Social Media has been on fire as the Cross River State Government proposes to rebrand the state,which includes a new logo to represent the state in celebration of her Golden jubilee.

Unfortunately the masses are not having it.
They would however appreciate it if the governor would be called to order as they take to Facebook to share their views on why the State should stick to its former brand and not throw away its Glory.

Cross River State which was once known for its peacefulness, hospitality and the Nation’s number one tourism destination will now be known for her Enterprising nature.

Is Cross River Stat lossing its tourism flare? Is the rebranding really necessary? Has the new brand/logo going viral been Aprroved?

Anyway, approved or not. Crossriverians are still not having it.

Let’s hear what they have to say…..

❎ This is a no no!I prayed  and spoke against the making public of this piece and I expressed shock the first time I heard about it…

I just wonder what evil magic is holding sway against our Governor…That evil is putting our state in autoreverse….

This is not the man I spoke with before and shortly after the election…God save our Governor and state…

Something needs to be done soon and quickly! How can one consciously build backlash and kill goodwill against his own government, one week one negativity….I am sad and almost frustrated….

✅ Manuel Agabi wrote
I understand the sentimental attachment we as Cross  Riverians now have with the Destination Cross River brand. But the question to ask is this… Is the tourism idea better than a drive for diversification of investment opportunities in the State?  The thing with a brand launch is that it injects new energy,  creates a buzz and entices investors. I don’t know how the Governor launched this though.  Was there an occasion to launch it?  Were captains of industries at that occasion?  Were foreign nationals with the big wallets called in?  Was the logo artfully explained? In all,  was this new brand sold so much nothing could be the response but people buying in?

This is a business move I love. We need to get past the ‘civil service state’ toga we have owned for sometime now.  We need to move to becoming an industrial hub. We need FDI,  we need to up our per capita. We need to up our IGR.  Not by taxing the indigenous people more but by bringing companies in who will pay. Of course they may enjoy a tax haven for say ten years but the economic implications of such booms will be a blessing.  We will finally see TINAPA come alive!  I always argued that TINAPA was an idea that our local economy could not support. This move by the Governor to make our dear state the destination of investment is laudable. A Bull is a good statement. Y’all know what a Bull stands for.  Strength,  virility,  assurance, wealth,  etc. That is a good statement.

Destination Cross River and the spirit behind it was one to drive tourism of entertainment and business at some point. But we know entertainment was given premium over investment. This here is business and investment. This will create jobs,  expand our cities,  and help us to better utilise our resources.  This is laudable. I think we should support it. Beyond this,  enterprise means youths are being vigorously brought into the picture.  I see a state whose youths are more than bit players in the development of the state. If this is the idea,  if this is the goal,  this is to be supported. It is to become our new sense of being. It is to be sung from the boundaries of Bekwarra to the shores of Calabar. It is to be preached and lived.

CAVEAT-    I do not know Governor Ayade beyond the pictures on TV and all.  I do not speak as a hired hand of the Government of the day.  I am passionate about a Cross River that is opened to multi-sector growth.  I want a Cross River that is the darling of the nation,  the bride of the common sense investors in Nigeria and beyond.  A Bull tells me of that,  a fish doesn’t.

I love you my dear Cross River  brothers andImpunity-Now

❎ Abeg give us any logo, whether black with elephant, or rainbow with bull, lion, elephant etc it translate to nothing if we do not have clean water, clean environment, secured environment, good intra city roads, mechanized farms(rice, banana, poultry, cassava processing etc) push for dredging of calabar water chanel, push for the complete dualization of calabar/Ikot Ekpene and calabar/Obudu Road, continue pushing for the completion of Lagos /Calabar rail line. Must we have a brand? OK on a lighter note, just place Donald Duke’s half portrait on the Destination Cross River, and debate will stop or reduce. Don is a brand on his own.

❎ My follow CrossRiverian…
In marking our 50th Anniversary since we have nothing to show for it like Lagos State did few days ago and are planning for more in the coming weeks/months/yrs.
We in CRS have decided to change the Logo and the globally accepted logo of the state to one represented by “AN ANGRY REDBULL ATTACKING 18 STARs” with the following reasons.
1). Our slogan Destination Cross River is no longer valid as, we have destroyed Tourism in the state,
As seen in Tinapa, 11 11, Marina resort, Obudu Ranch, the road to Obudu and all the waterfalls in the state. We have restricted movement in and out of the Old Residence (Calabar Museum) as you may have read on social media we are considering relocating the structure very soon.
Calabar is no longer GREEN and Clean, as we can no longer evacuate refuses as expected of a government, we close down CUDA so that our names will not be mentioned for not paying workers salary and contractors.
We can no longer determined when safe and colourless water will run in your pipes,. All these are expectations of  a tourism state which our dear state was known for before 2015.
2).  Peace and safety.  People (both visitors and residents) are no longer safe in CR as we parade caskets on winning election judgement wishing our fellow citizens dead, we allow cult boys to kill people anyhow they like, arm robbery at anytime of the day, street crimes are on the increase, kidnapping in occuring the state, street lighting are no longer common, with all these will you say the state is safe and should be tagged the people’s Paradise?
3). Fresh Air and Clean environment: We are sorry we can’t continue to guaranty both visitors and residents fresh air and clean environment, that is why the sight of heaps of refuse are common in Calabar and other major towns across the state.
4). Our LGAs governance structures and their federal allocation have been caged, so much so that the LGA governance that citizens and others people used to look up to and even make reference to interms of leadership, projects etc is no longer the same.

My fellow CrossRiverian there are many reasons to change our logo and slogan from
#DestinationCrossRiver to #AngryRedBull.
You will bear with me that the best time to do that is NOW, especially this month that our dear state will be marking  50yrs anniversary.

#BasedontheAbove we have decided to change the slogan/logo from…..#DestinationCrossRiver   to …. #Angry Red Bull.
After reading the above and below points on the rationale and meaning of the logo you will advise us better.
The Red indicates Danger (High crime rates, Bloodshed, cult violence) etc. A closer look at the new but proposed logo shows that the collective progress/ interest which are the STARS or 18 LGAs have now been caged in one place with the State Law for LGAs that gives the state Authority to manage LGAs federal allocations and the Angry Red Bull is in the middle is busy attacking them.
Now with the recent appointment of DG for Branding, I am sure he is ready to take your comments and views on the new logo.

If you don’t want your Stars and LGAs to be caged, please say so and do the spiritual declaration Now.
Today I declare my STARS shall Not be attack by any Man made Art works. #iStandWithDestinationCrossRiver #SayNoToRedBullLogo #SayNoToNewCRSLogo
Over to you share it on your wall, write an open letter to the govt, organise signature campaign, our lawyers should challenge this change in court.
Pls don’t read and just like the post or look the other way or bring in sentiment as usual/ typical of us in Nigeria. Take action End Impunity-Now.

❎ In all this ..i see another picture….taxi drivers change taxi colour…new letterheaded papers, change of logo, launching of all kind…hmmmm huge billions meant to revamp economy to be shelved out to new individuals.

Its a pity.

Whats in a colour…spark or threat? I love the red colour. It sparks fire in me but We are already riddled with untamed bloodshed.

We need water, less taxes, put chairs in primary schools, pay LGA staff on time, let CRS be a haven of joy.

I worry and the fact is that the same politicians hailing the Governor are the ones abusing him behind. If only the Governor will listen. This is great men left their positions and became a sorry sight.

Please God..touch my Governors heart. Teach him how to rule. Speak to Him by yourself. Speak to Him like how you spoke to saul and he became paul. Remove all Herod, Pharisees, Saduccess from his path. Heal our land and may Your light oh Lord arise.

❎ Noel Ugbong   wrote

It’s no longer news that the Cross River State Government is working on a new State Logo. However, this step has been welcomed with criticism , which I consider healthy in a democracy. Once government is taking any decision that affects her people whether directly or transiently, criticism is bound to arise.
It should be on record that this opinion I’m about to share is personal. I am speaking as Noel Ugbong, a concerned Cross Riverian not by virtue of my office as an appointee of the Governor.
I remember vividly when the Donald’s administration requested for entries as regards the State Anthem. I remember too how this move was greeted with a public rejection from within the State and Abuja. Some termed it an indication of  cessation. The State Anthem and State Flag raised so much dust but slowly and steadily the critics adjusted to the reality of that development. Despite adjusting to that reality, I also remember how the criticism shifted to choice of mere Blue White Blue. They said the flag lacked creativity and wasn’t beautiful. People of God, over the years even the critics grew to love and appreciate Donald’s ingenuity.
Cross River State has come to be associated with several logos and thematics.
Dawn of a new era
Africa’s warmest welcome
Destination Cross River..
The Calabar Festival and The Carnival  Calabar have their logos. However, Destination Cross River stood out as the State Government official logo and thematic. Yes, it has become our identity. Before we may hurriedly forget, this theme was hugely welcomed but the pictorial depiction in the logo was criticised even from members of the State Exco. Yes!
Their argument was that it lacked creativity and was bare. Some queried the rationale for use of snail, and so on and so forth.
Back to the current samples of the new logo. First of all, it should be on record that what is been bandied are still samples. However, if the sample above ends up as the approved logo, what’s wrong with it?
Let me quickly relate with the numerous concerns been raised.
1. The State is already identified with the Current logo and thematic  ( Destination Cross River). A change will affect our identity.
My response: The countries known as Ghana, Còte d’Ivoire etc were once known by different names. Calabar, Lagos were once capitals of Nigeria. The original road map from the dawn of a New Era was to make Cross River State the preferred tourism destination in Africa. That’s the more reason Donald Duke spent close to 8 years doing destination branding. That we have achieved. It should be worthy of note that the idea wasn’t just to achieve pleasure. Cross River was meant to offer biz and pleasure. We didn’t quite achieved that.. the biz angle. That’s what stands South Africa, Dubai, Malaysia out. They offer biz and pleasure. So, if we will agree that we have achieved Destination Branding , then it behoves us to achieve the biz component. Engender the Spirit of Enterprise.  And that stands to reason logically that the biz drive has to be emphatic with Strong thematic. Consequently the reason for the deviation from the old order; Destination Cross River.
2. Why Red?
My response: If you Google ” Map of Cross River State with mineral deposits ” the result you get is the map above. Cross River is shaded with red. We are quick to say red signifies that all we know about RED?
The screenshot above says it all, but for the purpose of emphasis let me add.
What’sthe colour of love? RED
What’s the predominant colour of Xmas? RED
What’sthe colour for energy ? RED
What’s the colour of strength, determination , desire and passion? RED
What’sthe predominant colour in world flags? RED
Red is one of the most predominant colour for Football Teams. RED.
 One of the most successful football clubs in the world is nicknamed the Red Devils! Liverpool is equally the Reds.
People criticise the choice of red in the Cross River State Logo but see nothing wrong with using red on Valentine’s day and see nothing wrong with Father Christmas using red. Bishops use red. The list is endless.

3. Rather than change the logo completely, why not remodel the old one?
No sir! There’s a new thinking. The old one has served her purpose. We mustn’t get stuck with traditional ways of doing things. Remember it was rebuked too when originally introduced. We criticise the old ways which inarguably has failed us yet fight change.
I may not be a pro in branding, but in the course of my training with the British College of Journalism, we were taught to relate brand to publicity. The current identity this new logo will bring is that first and foremost, it is already popular. It has trended in the social media for over 48 hours nonstop.. through efforts of those who don’t like it though . YES! That means it is saleable. Besides, it is beautiful. YES! Red is beautiful. It’s captivating. The new logo has the 18 LGAs in Cross River State. A bull replaced the snail in the ” outgoing logo”. No wonder our growth has been at a snail pace. A bull represents resilience which we are known for.
In branding, we are advised to create that which is catchy, leaves indelible marks and deliberately include something that will make it trend faster. A publicity stunt, you may call it.
If we must move on, we must not take everything from the past along! Before Destination Cross River, we had other means of identification which Destination Cross River replaced.
God bless Cross River State.

❎ Inyang Archibong wrote

Woe unto Ayade and the initiator of this demonic symbol call logo. Cross Riverian will ever live to curse the day you were enthrone as governor. No plan.

❎ Vidina Egbe wrote

When they sell their souls to the devil they come up with various nonsense in the name of logo and dish out

The logo misrepresents everything the state projects.

❎ Roland Enya wrote

We are not RED and there are no BULLS in CRS. Though we may import a few (into our consciousness), we remain BLUE blooded and PEACEABLE!

Please tell this to #Mr.Ben


❎ Agba Jalingo wrote

I consider this a wasted effort that the next governor after governor Ayade will repeal with alacrity. I detest it (that doesnt make my opinion right or wrong…its just my own opinion.)

❎ Legal Practitioner, First Baba Isa Wrote.


Some persons are trying to dismiss discussion or comments on the Cross River State new logo as unnecessary and making a mountain out of a mole hill. I disagree. If the Governor considers it important enough to pay a purported consultant with state money to design a new logo for the State, then citizens and members of the public should comment on the logo. Saying it doesn’t matter is an attempt at emotional blackmail.

One comment about the logo that gave me fits of laughter was that that compared the new logo with the governor’s favourite colour of dressing. It’s like the designers’ only consideration was to create a logo that suits the governor’s best colours and not colours that will project the state in good light.

“Red is the colour of extremes. It’s the colour of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the colour of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.” There is a certain kind of diabolism the red colour invokes, especially when it is used so extravagantly as it was used on the new logo. The whole logo is 98% red! Wuuuuu… Shivers!

Then the Bull…

“The bull symbolizes fighting ability and male fertility while the symbol of the bull stands for valor and magnanimity ever since the prehistoric times.

The bull symbol represents heaven in Babylonia and Syria with the god of storm riding on its back. In Egypt it is a symbol of royalty and is sacrificed in religious rituals for millennia, associated with the sun, fire, resurrection, earth, water, night and even death. Since its blood is used in sacrifices, it is associated with the death of winter and the return of spring; they are emblems of death, tyranny, ferocity, brutality, stubbornness, lust, and the Devil.  In some cultures the violent earthquakes are caused since celestial bull is believed to carry the world upon its horns and at times gets rowdy.”

With these dark meanings of the animal bull, I don’t just understand what Cross River State is doing with a raging bull as it’s symbol.

“In ancient times white bulls were chosen for sacrifice. White signified purity of course; the sacrifice had to be pure; one could not insult the deity with giving up imperfect goods. Only the best would do since that was a sign of one’s sincerity; after all it is hardest to give up the best.” Since a white bull is used for sacrifice, is Cross River State about to be sacrificed? Shivers!

This white raging bull in the new logo is not even willing to be sacrificed. Look at it, it’s fighting. But the most frightening thing is what the bull appears to be fighting against in the logo. Look at it again. The white bull is surrounded by 18 stars, representing the 18 Local Government Areas of Cross River State; the 18 stars are arranged peacefully, unified… But see the bull charging at a section of the stars. It wants to break through, it wants to disrupt the unity of the stars. O my God, the bull is fighting the stars! Shivers!

Who is interested in disrupting our peace? Who is bringing this “…emblems of death, tyranny, ferocity, brutality, stubbornness, lust, and the Devil” to Cross River State? A bull represents fighting not enterprise and a raging bull, like the one we have on the logo, is war!

Well, let’s laugh it off and pretend all these diabolical and metaphysical connotations don’t exist or don’t even matter. We are too educated and exposed to be talking such rubbish na. Forgive me. Now, let’s talk the law of it, at least that one can be verified through the physical and intellectual channels of knowledge.

The raging bull is the registered mark of Red Bull the energy drink and trademark owned by an Austrian company. So? So Cross River State stands the risk of being slammed with a multi billion dollar lawsuit that the great grand children of our grand children will still be paying by this time in the year 2117.

Trade mark protection is largely governed by the Trade Marks Act 1965 and the Trade Marks Regulations 1967. The Merchandise Marks Act 1956 creates criminal offences and imposes penalties on trade mark counterfeiters while the Trade Malpractices (Miscellaneous Offences) Decree 1992 also addresses the issue of trade mark infringement by imposing criminal sanctions on offenders.

It should be noted that the international classification of goods applies to the Nigerian trade marks Register. This classification of goods is listed in Schedule IV of the Trade Marks Regulations 1967.

“Nigeria acceded to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property and as such is classed as a convention country.

Infringement occurs where a person who is not a registered user, uses a mark identical to or so nearly resembling the mark that it is likely to deceive or cause confusion.”

Let that logo be thrown into the dustbin of mistakes. Abeg, the logo no fine. Make una throw am, the metaphysical properties of the logo is ominous. Throw am abeg, it’s an infringement on the trademark of Red Bull Energy drink.

Firsts Baba Isa (FBI) is a Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja.

These are views shared on facebook by Crossriverians. Will the governemnt listen to the voice of the Masses?

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