BBNaija Saga! Big Brother Naija May Have Ended Marriages? Woman Sent Packing For Calling Husband Stupid



TBoss, Efe and Bisola

It’s been a week, since the much talked about show of the year, came to an end, with Efe as winner of the BBNaija, going home with 25million Naira and a SUV. The show didn’t just stop there, social media is still buzzing and Big Brother Naija is still a trending topic. 

But what we might not know is, the show also succeeded in creating havoc. Creating beefs, fights, and all sorts of negativity among friends and couples. Is it save to say, BBnaija may have ended marriages? people took it to another level. Taking it so personal, forgetting it was all just a game set to entertain. 

,Meanwhile, Ace Comedian. Ali Baba just shared an interesting piece on his IG page, Someone actually called her husband stupid for saying T-Boss set Kemen up. He believed the Tboss-Kemen saga was all a set up. The wife didn’t think so, so he called him stupid for being so daft i guess. Ok, wait for it. She was sent  back to her parents home. That’s how sombori’s marriage will just end because of Kemen and Tboss. hehehhe.

Also, someone ended a friendship with her colleague because he was a Fan of Efe and was routing for him. she practically stopped riding with him to work. Now that’s crazy. 
People need to chill with all this reality TV shows. its not that serious. 


A friend of mine was blocked by a co-staff for telling all his Benin friends to vote for Efe. In fact… She stopped ridding in his car to work in Ikoyi and back to the Omole Estate. He kept going to her house to give her the lift to work… but she would walk pass him to catch a cab or public transport. After 4 days of trying, he gave up. One thing people failed to realize is that BBN is a two edged sword. The issues and dynamics that played out with the housemates, is a reality check on what the viewers hold dear. What happens in the house can be x-rayed to give us an insight into how we can react to issues. Any issue. And based on those logistics, our opinions of the house mates are formed. Same as our votes. I was supposed to visit the house. But did not on the long run. I never campaigned for anyone until my guy @thintalltony was up for eviction. And After he left it was Efe. Did you know why housemates always substituted Efe to save anyone? Because they knew he would be safe. Anyway, Like I said, the show, BBN, is not about the housemates but about how we see the things they do, weighed against how we have been brought up, our personal relationships, sexual orientation, our selfish traits, exposures, educational status, financial standings, societal ranking, patriotism, hypocrisy, faketitude, kparakpor and all of these then shape our sentiments. This explains the multicolored opinions that get thrown up and down social media and traditional platforms of conversation. Now the show is done. A winner has emerged. Housemates are partying. Those who fought are still not talking. That is exactly how life is. You will advise couples to part ways. They make up with you as the reason they nearly broke up. Our minds need to be more informed. Our tolerance level has to spike. So much interpersonal relationships played up in BBN. Because EVEN if you refused to watch it, you have played out the purpose of the show. HOW WILL PEOPLE REACT? That’s what the show was about. One very upset woman called her husband stupid because he believed Tboss set Kemen up. The matter was settled today. She just moved back to their home since 2 weeks. The man sent her to her parents.

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