2Mins With Patrick Aneozeng of jorany Hotel



 G.M: Can you please introduce yourself?
Patrick: I’m Aneozeng Patrick by name. I’m the general Manager of Jorany Hotel, Calabar.
G.M: How important is a hospitality related education towards becoming a success in the industry?
Patrick: Hospitality related education helps to equip you with d rudiments of the hospitality business. Let’s not forget that hospitality business is different from the conventional business. Therefore learning the do’s and don’ts is a panacea for achieving success in the business.
G.MWhat is the most challenging aspect of your Job? 
Patrick: The most challenging aspect of the job is finding a way to make all the hotel guests happy. And that is why; at Jorany it is part of our slogan to render personalized services at international standards.
G.M: To run a hotel you need a lot of workforce, how important is your work culture? 
Patrick: Our ethic culture is what defines and gives us a competitive edge in the industry. This is very important to us because it keeps us in business.
G.M: What are the challenges of the hospitality industry in the State?

Patrick: The most challenging aspect of the industry is power supply. If the government can fix power, majority of the challenges we face in the industry will be solved.

G.M: How will you describe the success level of the hospitality industry in Cross River State?
Patrick: I’ll say due to the peaceful nature of the state, lots and lots of visitor’s troop in all year round. Besides, the state tourism potentials also bring visitors in.
G.M: How has the hotel improved under your management? 
Patrick: Under my watch there has been a significant improvement in our service delivery, especially in the area of meeting and exceeding our guests expectations. Although it happens to be during one of the challenging periods in Jorany history. We were able to make the best out of the difficult situation which happens to drove me to do more instead of giving excuses.

G.M: What does the hotel management do to contribute to its employee’s professional development? 
Patrick: On like most hotels, we encourage our staff to further their studies by giving special incentives to assist while in school. We also ensure continuous professional training for staff within and outside Calabar.
G.M: How has Jorany Hotel been able to maintain its spot as one of the state’s most exquisite hotels? 
Patrick: By simply exceeding our guests expectations through our personalized service.


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