Bisola Aiyeola – Possible Winner Of Big Brother Naija!



You might not be a fan of Bisola, but there is every possibility that the Queen of Drama, (don’t want to say drama Queen) might just be the next Big Brother Naija Winner, as the show rounds up.
Here is why………………

  1. Before Big Brother Naija 2017, there was Bisola. The Nigerian – British Entertainer has been in the entertainment industry for a while now, The single mother of one, is an Actress, ( you might have seen her in movies like“The Life Of A Nigerian Couple”, Forever With Us” and Skinny Girl In Transit). A singer, (who contested in the 2008 edition of MTN Project Fame) . An OAP (who charms her listeners with her voice on -WFM 91.7) A comic MC, ..well, you could just tag her a pretty face with many talent. 
  2. Bisola has managed to survive in the Big Brother House without been Evicted
  3. She has a fun personality,  she keeps the house lively and the viewers entertained. 
  4. She is a great mimic and has done a lot of comedy skits which is well known.
  5. Bisola has a stable and ever increasing fan base.
This are facts which aren’t based on Logistics. 
Lets look at times when Bisola Entertained us with her comic skits….
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 And that time on Skinny girl in transit Series.

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