Do you believe in Zodiac signs? well, if you do, you might want to know what your signs have to say about your finances today. 

You’re pouncing on opportunities left and right. The only problem is, they don’t want to be pounced on. Remind yourself that this is not a game of hunter and prey. Making money shouldn’t involve the agony of defeat.

There’s nothing you can’t stand more than being preached to. You can put cotton in your ears today but you can’t avoid someone else’s long sermon. Don’t they realize you don’t need any lessons in money, moral or otherwise? Apparently not. Sigh.

It’s not clear if those uncomfortable undercurrents are real or imagined, but whatever the source, be glad they’re only producing minor ripples. You’re due for a sea change so enjoy the relative calm while it lasts.

It’s as if you’re speaking a language no one around you can understand. Everything you say is up for interpretation. You prefer things to be more exact, so skip giving any instructions having to do with your money until your communication skills return.

There’s no fuel quite like enthusiasm and you’ve got plenty to burn. You know just what you want and can’t rest until you get it. You can hardly slow down enough to help someone else get where they want to be. Hardly is not the same as impossible so put on the brakes for a friend.

You’re daydreaming of the day all of your hard work finally pays off. It may be down the road and a long time coming, but some day it definitely will arrive. Keep up the fantasies because they’re a good way to stoke a healthy ambition.

You have no use for sentimentality. Unfortunately, it has some use for you. In fact, it’s dogging you today. If you can’t shake it off, you might as well dive right in and try to enjoy it. Just watch out for any weird feelings.

Shrewdness is not your strong suit today. It’s a good day to exert some of self-control because you’re due for a bit of rash spending. Anything you buy today will be an exercise in throwing money out the window. Do whatever it takes to jumpstart your willpower.

You can only save so much money by doing things like making your own lunch. Penny pinching isn’t really helping you get ahead, although it’s excellent exercise. It’s time to move on to more serious cost cutting measures. Think big.

A positive outcome can mean many things to many different people, but the only one that interests you has to do with the bottom line. Your plans are working when you move out of the red and into the black, and not before.

You’re flailing away at a problem and not getting anywhere with it. You might not be making any headway but at least you’re burning off some of your anxious energy. Come up with a more disciplined approach once you calm down.

You need someone to pull some strings for you. You may not know the wizard himself but you do have a friend who can help you. Don’t feel guilty about asking, either. It goes with the territory.

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