The love day is over. But a lot takes place afterwards. So I present to you “The day after Valentine Series”. Brought to you by #weeshotit.

He told her he had traveled but he was in a hotel with his side chic. Then he hears that his woman is on
a date with another man and they kissed. .
He rushes home and waits for her to return. At 11pm a car drives up and his woman steps out.
She opens the door and the parlour lights suddenly come on. .
I present DAY AFTER VALENTINE series. #weeshotit .

Model: Iberedem Etuk

Sometimes it goes well but he gotta get back to his wife early enough so he drops a note.
#weeshotit . .

  He came back after a hard day at work hoping to take her out to see a play. Then he noticed something in the toilet that did not flush. It was a condom. He called her to explain. She could not. He walked outside quietly. She ran out and grabbed his leg begging him for forgiveness. He shakes her off him and walks away. .

Model: Jossy Johnson
He waited for her all night but she was with Kayode Peter . She did not cancel the appointment 7pm, 8pm. …11pm. He became angry, then he became depressed. He sat in his misery until the Day After Valentine. Features our own Manager: Prince Anietie

Thanks for following the series. #weeshotit

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