As an entrepreneur, one of your major tasks is selling. You have products you want to sell. This involves you convincing your prospects, letting them know why they should purchase your product. Whether you do this physically through personal contact with your prospect or via a phone call or whatever media you chose to use, a very important attribute you must possess is self-confidence. Self-confidence means that you believe in yourself and your product and in what you are doing. This is because you ought to be the first purchaser and user of your product. You are sure that your product will add value to the life of your prospect and you are convinced that your prospect is in need of your product.

How do you build self-confidence? First believe in yourself. This is the first thing you must ensure in building your confidence. You must be convinced with what you are doing. You must love yourself and be proud of yourself as well as love what you are doing. Love what you are doing so much that even if an offer is made to you that will pay you more than you currently earn, you will turn it down. Yes, entrepreneurs are not just interested in making profits; rather they are concerned and passionate about solving problems and adding value to society. We love what we do and are proud of it. This builds our confidence.

Secondly, believe in your product. You are the first user of your product. Are you convinced that your product is the best? Not necessarily being the best in the market but rather is it the best for your prospect at the moment. Yes because your prospects do not need the best product in the market, what they need is the best solution to meet their need at an affordable price. So you must be convinced that your product adds value to the lives of your customer and is affordable too.

Thirdly, be concerned about your prospects. As entrepreneurs, we are leaders. We love people and are passionate about them and are willing to contribute to their well-being. We are concerned about their needs and we want to meet those needs. Try to find out more about your prospect and their needs and then provide solutions. Ensure that your product meets the needs of your prospect.

When you are sure of all these, approaching your prospect becomes easy for you. You become confident. You are sure of your product. You are well aware that you prospect is in need of it and you are sure that he can afford it. You are aware of the personality of your prospect. You have gathered as much information as possible that you need to gather from your prospect, and you are even willing to learn more, and you are concerned about your prospects.

With these put in place, when you approach your prospect, your major task is to educate them about your product, letting them know why they should purchase your product. Of course some prospects are not even aware that they are in need of your product. That is why you must educate them. What you end up doing when you do not ensure the afore-listed is to beg your prospect to purchase your product, and of course there is no SWAG in that. On the other hand, when all these things are ensured, you become confident.

Brian Tracy, in his book, “Unlimited Sales Success”, stated clearly, “The most important determinant of sales success in any field, in any economy is self-confidence”. Therefore the importance of self-confidence cannot be over emphasized.
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