Entrepreneurs are wonderful and outstanding people. Their way of thinking alone amazes me. Their lifestyle and their relationship with people are magnificent. Are you an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one? Today I decided to put down seven (7) things I personally cherish about entrepreneurs. 
They are Ambitious 
Entrepreneurs are ambitious people. They know how to set high goals that ordinary people will say it’s impossible to achieve. They then gather momentum and begin immediately to work towards achieving that goal. And even if they end up not achieving the goals 100%, they measure a high level of success. Setting high goals enables them to think fast and think big. It enables them to see beyond limitations. It boosts their morale and they begin to see nothing else except the materialization of their goals. 
Although entrepreneurs set high goals, they don’t set unrealistic goals. They use the ‘SMART’ approach because they are smart people. The ‘SMART’ approach for setting goals ensures that a goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented and Time-framed. Once this approach is employed, the size of the goal does not matter again. 
They are Courageous 
Being courageous doesn’t mean there is nothing to fear. It is rather the determination to confront your fears, the willingness to fight the good fight, facing your challenges with boldness instead of running away. A major source of fear is lack of knowledge. When people know little about their field of endeavor, they become afraid of moving forward. For instance, people who know little or nothing about investing are always afraid of doing so because they don’t want to lose money. Nobody wants to lose money and besides investing is not all about losing money but more of a means of growing money, but because people lack the necessary skills and knowledge about the subject, they tend to scare away. On the other hand, those who have gathered enough knowledge about investing will gladly take the risk.

The best way to overcome fear is to gather knowledge and acquire skills. Entrepreneurs are learners, they are learning every day. They read books, listen to audio tapes, and attend seminars and workshops. As a result, they become knowledgeable and skilled in the area of their endeavor, hence they develop courage. 

More so, entrepreneurs learn to overcome the emotions of fear. They do not crowd their minds with fear of failing rather they think of succeeding. In their minds, it’s not about “what if I fail?” rather it’s about “what if I succeed?”. The mere thought of failure is what holds people back. That’s why entrepreneurs don’t think of it. 
Every problem is a business opportunity. Where people see problems, entrepreneurs see solutions. While people are lamenting about a problem, entrepreneurs are busy thinking about how to solve a problem. They do not spend time appraising a setback; they rather begin immediately to think of solutions and way forward. They are solution-oriented. They spend time thinking of new ways of adding values to society; each problem solved is value added to society. They know so well that this is what makes them rich. Entrepreneurs have amazing lens via which they look at the society. This is what makes them different. I love entrepreneurs.

People-centric and Service-oriented 

Entrepreneurs are People-centric; they are mostly thinking of others and how to add value to people’s lives. No,  they are not just concerned about making profits. They think first about serving people.
It takes an outstanding personality to be People-centric. People naturally tends to think about themselves and nothing else. It’s always about ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘Myself’. When you take out time to think about others and how to add value to people’s lives, you become a person of influence. People will want to come to you as they know they will derive value from you. 
Entrepreneurs wants to serve more than they wants to be served. People needs service. Entrepreneurs knows this. That’s why they spend time thinking of new ways to serve people. 
Entrepreneurs are disciplined. They know what they ought to be doing at every given time and they spend time doing it. They know where they ought to be at every given time and that’s where you find them. They know the value time,  that every second counts. They are punctual, they know it’s the soul of business. This makes them become more productive. They are doing the right thing at the right time. Of course they have clearly written goals and so they get busy pursing it. That’s why they don’t spend time doing unnecessary things that will not add value to themselves or society. 
Excellent Spirit 
Entrepreneurs pursue excellence. They always wants to bring out the best. They put in their best in everything they do and never settle for less. They achieve this by being dedicated in everything they do. It also requires hard work and diligence. They do not give excuses or apportion blames for any reason. They best possible outcome is what they always desire and they go for it.


Leaders are people who contribute to the well being of mankind. When you always think of ways of adding value to people such that their lives becomes better, you become a leader. Entrepreneurs are leaders. Contributing to the well being of mankind is their hobby. That’s what they enjoy doing. And they spend time everyday thinking of new ways of adding value to mankind. They think, they study and learn and they have mentors.
Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time working with a team. Hence they know the value of leadership in a team. They learn to lead people. They help other people to become leaders like themselves and even better. 
I love entrepreneurs. Are you one of them or thinking of becoming one?  Now that you have seen some of the qualities we posses, are you lacking any?  If yes are you considering improving on yourself? What other qualities do you think we should posses?  Add your suggestions by commenting below.
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