So, i woke up this morning to a very sad and heartbreaking news/development from the MMM community. Stating that the Mavrodi Mondial Movement Scheme (popularly known as the money making scheme) is now on pause mode.

What does this mean for Nigerians? who have invested their money into the scheme, with the hope of having enough to spend during this festive period. 
This has happened few hours after the scheme sent an open letter to Nigerian authorities, and i quote….
“Honorable authorities,
So far MMM has come under a constant attack from you. In this regard, I would like to ask you a few simple questions. Since you are concerned with the interests of millions of your fellow citizens, I hope that  you would be so kind to answer them.
1. What are you trying to get? Do you want the MMM System to collapse and millions of people to suffer? Who will support them then if now MMM is their only means of livelihood? Will you? You even don’t pay wages to people? Or might you not care about them? Might you be using a trendy topic to make a good name for yourselves? What will you say to a mother who will have no money to buy food for her child? Will you let her child die for the sake of the higher interests of the economy?
2. You say that MMM is a scam. What is the scam here, if all members are warned in advance about all the risks, the possible and impossible ones? They know there are no investments at all. The warning is a red text on a yellow background placed on most prominent place of the website.
3. You say that MMM is bad. Why? Yes, it produces nothing, but nothing gets out of the country either. The money is just redistributed among the citizens of Nigeria. It gets from those who are richer to poorer ones, in this way restoring social justice. What””s wrong with that?
4. You have repeatedly stated that “it should be investigated!.. researched!..” It means you know nothing about this System yet; you even haven’t understood how it works. Isn’t it completely irresponsible of you to make all these allegations and play with the lives of millions of ordinary people?
5. And finally. If you know what is right for people, why is the life so bad in the country?
Sincerely yours,
Sergey Mavrodi
P.S. As for your statement that “everything will collapse soon”. The system has been working in Nigeria for a year, and according to your estimates, the total number of members now is  about 3 million people. In Nigeria the population is approximately 195 million. Can you calculate? Will it be “soon”? :-))
Yours sincerely,
Sergey Mavrodi
Together we change the world!”

Only for us all to wake up to the fact that our Xmas money and bonuses have been frozen. All our plans for this period should be placed on hold as well? what does this mean for all Nigeria MMM participants? how do they survive this few weeks before the scheme gets back on track? will they be back and better? This are questions on our mind. what greater heartbreak than this?

“Dear members!

As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing heavy workload. Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media. The things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)

Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month.

The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do.:-))

We hope for your understanding,

We only hope that the scheme resolves this and begin full operation again. but before it happens, how will Nigerians react to this? I have friends who were expecting to have a jolly Christmas with their  mmm xmas bonuses. This news have left them sad and heartbroken.

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