It’s a general phenomenon, for us as ladies to be paranoid, when ever we see our period, most times we even wish it never came, you hear questions like, is they a pill to withhold “this thing” till further notice? For most of us, it’s the excruciating pain than accompanies it, that we can’t just deal with! Or is it the amount of blood that leaves your body? Pardon us God, if we don’t really appreciate it enough. Can’t we just get a monthly sneeze that says, “hey girl, your not pregnant, and indeed you a woman, your system is all good.

But thinking about it, I think our monthly period is a gift from God. What do I mean? Am saying without that, you’re not even so sure if you are a lady, if you’ve got infection. Or cursed. I hear ladies giving testimonies of how they haven’t had their period for a year or so, and after some prayers, it began flowing. And most times, I hear my self say, in such situations you don’t know how lucky you were. What? I can’t believe I actually think of such things or even say it. Lol, I seriously just didn’t understand why I have to go through such pain, every month, four days, of being so uncomfortable and un free. I felt caged. I just didn’t get the idea of menstrual Cycle. Why do we have such things? And even if we had to, was the pain really necessary? To me as a teenager it was irritating. I just couldn’t deal. 
Over the years, i’ve read books, searched the net, and I seem to understand the menstrual cycle better. Though I still have my reservations, and I still wonder, why it couldn’t be an easier “you’re not pregnant sign, another way to discharge what ever it is that needed to flow out”.
So all of this, leaves us ungrateful for the gift of period. 
Meanwhile, am sure they are times, ladies feel grateful for it. Times, when you actually thought you were pregnant, and you’re not ready for that duty yet, and boom, you’re period is here…you get that sign of “oh Thank God” relief. 
Or maybe, you are not just having sex just yet, or you had protected sex, or you were save when you had sex,  but your monthly friend delays, some traffic jam? Let’s say you’re about five days late. You panic, what must have gone wrong, you consider every possible medical situation, did I fall Pregnant by the Holy Ghost, you run series of pregnancy test, knowing fully well, you can’t possibly be Pregnant, but you just have to check all possibilities, you begin to panic the more, if am not pregnant, then I must be sick, is it infection? What has gone wrong in my system? At the very moment, you have forgotten all the “I wish i don’t get my period every month” “I wish this pain wasn’t there” I wish there was a pill to stop periods”. At that point, you just don’t care about the pain, or the discomforts, you just want your period. You are sad, worried, scared and all the miserable emotions mixed together, you are at that point, different shades of miserable. Then Bam, it comes, though, you’re out in one fine dress, and the blood ruins it, oh no! your sexy new dress is ruined, but you can hear your self say. “Oh, thank God” you’re relieved, you are excited to see your friend, and you say, where have you been? Don’t ever run out on me like that again! Lol. Basically, you feel so grateful and thankful for d gift of period at that very moment. You don’t care if you’re dressed has been ruined, or been slitely embarrassed about it showing up in public. You just want to freshen up and enjoy your monthly period. Hehehe. 
I am definitely sure, most ladies if not all can relate to this. And I’d like to think that, at some point, ladies are indeed grateful and thankful for that gift. 
So ladies, let’s discuss, are there times, you’ve had such moments? Are there times you feel grateful for the gift of periods? 
Let’s talk about it, in the comment section, don’t be shy.

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