My epic wish list, Thing’s I long-throat for and more;



If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Today, I was fantasizing yet again, imagining what it would be like having all those miraculous things I have always dreamt of and created in my perfect world, if only I could have one wish.

If I had –  I’d wish to be tall, lol. But it’s like they say, “if wishes were horses beggars will ride” right! 

Ok! Let’s be more realistic, what would I really wish for? 

I think I’d want to be happy, would want to be married by Dec 2016 and to live a life with no regrets.

Wouldn’t it be just great to have them all? 

Now, even though the things I wish for can’t be bought, my wishes are still my wishes, not like I could even afford them if they were for sale anyway. 

Talking about the things I actually long throat for? Where do I even start? 

Love; I think this should be my major epic wish, I have wished to experience love for as long as I can remember and gradually and slowly am beginning to give up on this particular one, yes most times I get tired of wishing. I go on social media and I see a lot of happy couple and am left wondering how terrible am i? Really though, am I such a horrible person? Why I can’t I just find some true love? What exactly am I doing wrong? Surprisingly I have never experienced real and true love. What? At this old age of mine? Well, I think am done wishing and hoping for this one, I mean I have survived the days I really needed emotional support. I came out even stronger and better. Even though most days I feel am actually better of alone and love is pointless, other days, I feel like the universe is against me, and that I actually deserve some good love and attention. Yes, everyone deserves to be loved, but what do you do, when it takes a life time to happen? Keep hoping and wishing that one day your knight in shining amour will make a royal arrival? Oh well, till that happens it still remains a wish and one major thing I long throat for.

To travel around the world; yes! I so want this, I don’t only long throat for this one, infact I salivate for this one. Lol, I do a lot of traveling in my head…I need it to become a reality, it wouldn’t be so bad to travel around the world with love. Taking a trip to my favorite countries with the man of my dreams, meet people, learn about other cultures, and build memories… let me stop there.

Chai, have you taken time to go through Instagram? Staring at pretty faces with flawless makeovers?

This brings me to the third thing I long throat for… A perfect face beat, makeups are girls best friends, so you won’t blame me, who wouldn’t love to have her face beat by one of the best MUA’s. I so long throat and look forward to my epic face-beat.

My celebrity boyfriend, Lynxxx… oh dear, take a moment and visit Lynxxx IG page you will understand me better. I long throat for Lynxxx. In fact I envy the girl in his life? 

 Spiritual and strong willed… a man with a purpose, now who wouldn’t want a man like Lynxxx?

Linda Ikeji’s mansion…. 
 yes ooo, Linda Ikeji’s mansion is something I long-throat for….who no like better thing make I see? 

Meanwhile, the things I long-throat for are endless,  a complete wardrobe change, my personal stylist, my personal chauffeur, my very own mini me, Annie Idibia’s husband {runs away} Otedola’s kind of money, 

Dangote’s ATM card and pin, a customized Private Jet, an Apple toilet, a “I love you note with my name written across the sky” by my lover, my baby daddy and husband, my very own empire, it goes on and on…

I also took time to discuss with my pals finding out what they actually wish for, if only they could have one wish, alongside the things they long-throat for….

let me start with Ashley’s response, in her words “Long life, True love, and genuine happiness, she long-throats for Drake…she wishes Drake will fall in-love with her” this one actually got me laughing out loud? What? 

Mark says he wishes “ to go to heaven consciously, see what heaven is like and return back to earth” to him he wants to go say hello to God, discuss issues and proffer solutions so the world will become a better place. Personally I have no comment for this one, that’s just his epic wish.

Ifeanyi wishes to get a good job, with a sweet, sexy pay package and to get married to a beautiful woman, he long-throats for everlasting happiness. 

Ayo Desmond says he wishes to have power and money, he long-throats to become the President, and have his own entourage.

Even though, some of this wishes sound funny, others may sound lame, but it’s only a wish right? One thing about wishes is there are a significant part of human life,and we still nurse a tiny bit of hope that all our wishes will one day come true…but its also important to make sure we wish for the right things, you don’t know who might be listening… “it’s like they say, be careful for what you wish for”.

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  1. Lol… come let me beat ur face for you, even ur whole body sef

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